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Defiant tells the story of Ree Rader, an ex-assassin who is fleeing the dangerous clutches of the Collectors after saving the life of the boy she was missioned to kill, who holds a dark secret; little does she know that one selfless act will change her life forever. Completed. Read More
Two sisters endure a perilous journey across the ruins of the United States in the wake of a disastrous infection, in hopes of finding the Carriers that have rumored to be searching for a cure. On their journey they will encounter danger, death, and people who will forever change their… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Everyone has things they want to forget; but what if they don't remember it in the first place? Read More
In the far future, in the what is called the Enlightened Age, the Earth is but a shell of its former self. The city of Vaticania is one of the few known bastions of civilization, a paradise and utopia, were Humanity thrives. But all is not well in paradise, what… Read More

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The Contently Deranged Travelers House

In the future, political correctness rules the unified West with an iron fist. Continues in SCARLET BEAST. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A short story of how judgment could be given in a possible Dystopian future. This is my first short story so any feedback is appreciated. Thank you. Read More
This is a story in progress that is co-written by me(Sam) and Sue. It is about Cray a small village fisherman and Ezekiel a child of a nobleman, raised with a silverspoon in his mouth. All of the citizen of their world possesses powers some useful and others...not so much.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In 2112, the human race became extinct. We were invaded. At first, we thought that they were just like us, but we should have known that there was nothing normal about these creatures. Nothing human. We acted as soon as we noticed what was happening; killing them one by one… Read More
Set on the east coast of the United States after a disastrous uprising that rocked the world. When former college sweethearts Charley and Riley run into each other it leads to the discovery of frightening secrets held by the recently established government. My first post on here- let me know… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Wolf City is one of the most infamous gangs in Marsev, a county ruled by strife and anguish. Leading this gang is a young woman named Bullet who battles with fleeting senses of nihilism and yet a visceral need to protect her own. Her gang faces an oppressive government, rival… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Not too far from reality, the Dystopian world takes over little by little, just not all of us are able to see it... Read More
What if the world was no longer in chaos? What would happen if crime stopped? If depression ended? If there was complete peace? What if evil was no longer in existence? Our world may never know, but this one might. Read More
Acheron, a city created to be a prison. To save money on taxes, the country just dumped their criminals there. The dense walls that surrounded the city locked them in permanently. However, time passed and the government stopped bringing people. Months after the supplies stopped. The city was abandoned to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem representing the beauty of love. Read More
Here, within the cyber world that REDMELODY is jacked into, something is not right. Celebrities seem immortal and the government is hiding something, but what? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This was based off a nightmare I had and it's my first piece of writing. It's a short read, and I would absolutely love feedback. Thank you! Read More
It’s the year 2027. In Los Angeles, twenty-one-year-old Gemini Graham – daughter of the legendary Liam & Ceridwen Graham – has led The Resistance for the past five years; following her murdered parents footsteps closer than she knows. It was Gemini’s parents, after all, who founded The Resistance before she… Read More
A short story (1500 words) of a dystopian future and its favorite holiday. It is an examination into madness and sanity, and into hypocriticality. Read More
17 year old Christa Orlov lives in a world where absolute peace is all that can save them. Training to become a KAshista, a peace-keeper for Pompeii, her brother gets captured by the Empire, and she's taken to join the Rebellion. Can she save her brother before it's too late? Read More
This is a experiment i'm currently working with, hopefully to evolve as a writer. Therefore i'm posting it here for feedback. Read More
In a world filled with bitter ignorance one young girl develops curiosity, taking an amazing journey to find the truth of her home and looking beyond the stars and seeing faults. The cracks in our ground, the shadows in our sun, the fault in our stars. Read More
"Much was said about the ideology of the X faction, the media demonised us, the police and government hated us, and the general public feared us, but to say we followed an ideology was erroneous. It would be more fitting to describe us as anti-moral. We have little in the… Read More
Two prisoners, under the influence of a mysterious force of forgetfulness, regain their mental clarity and freedom through an unlikely source Read More

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A young woman finds that living within a society in which no form of offense can be made isn't as happy as the rest of the world may believe after she is banished from her home to survive in the worse of conditions to search for her way back for… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Have you ever had a dream that has struck you so profoundly. It became impossible to forget it? The feeling of finding heaven not on Earth or even up above us in a realm we can only by imagine, but in our very dreams. Author's Note: This is a literal… Read More
Cath Prime has had her fair share of problems. And not one would typically think of for a tough sixteen year old girl. The world has gone to shit and has suffered a devastating end doesn't start things off so well. People are infected, running rampant both crazed and mindless,… Read More
dystopian story of a security risk at an unnamed airport. Read More
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