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One day in the not too distant future, a young man goes out and commits a mass shooting - but no one seems to really care anymore. Read More
George Smythe spills his blood for The Cause before he has a conscious thought as to either its true nature or his role as its leader in the distant future. His mortal and immortal enemy nearly slays him whilst he’s on holiday in Mexico touring pre-Columbian archaeological sites. The Nagual… Read More
As my name would have it, I merely observed. Read More
In the far future, a small Martian family live happily in the solar systems biggest city as a dictator rises to power, and one of his regime's secret projects has them in its sights. Read More

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September 14, 2021

The Dark Ford Saga is an alternative future/feminist/political/science-fiction comedy and a cautionary tale about the dangers of voter apathy and populism in Canada. The Dark Ford Saga is the story of a future where Doug and Randy Ford take over Canada through a combination of populism and the genetic engineering… Read More
In the year 2025, the world gave in to their sins and desires. The ruler of Hell Lord Raphael jumped at this opportunity. He sent his demon army to persuade and corrupt the human race. The angels tried to stop this by declaring war on the demons, but they eventually… Read More
Priestess Dayita arrives in a sentient ship called Vedic as a fierce storm approaches the sunken island of Maliku. Her mission is to take the Maldivian children to the underwater city of Maniton where they will wait out Turmoil. Despite his desire to explore the Outside world, Maumoon agrees to… Read More
Storyteller’s fateful words change Halerine Ananda’s life forever: “You, my children, are the Rainbow Warriors, and you must journey to the secret underwater city called Maniton.” Rainbow Warriors is the first book in the seven book “what if” dystopian series, Rainbow Warriors. This futuristic, coming-of-age series will take you on… Read More

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August 03, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

My name is Josh or at least it was. I'm a 36-year-old typical male zombie. You heard right. I'm a zombie, and I'm going to tell you a little story. Read More
Bella has a turbulent relationship with her mother that cause her to run far away. Having taken all she knows for granted, how will Bella fair in her new surroundings? Read More
A young woman discovers the terrifying truth about the society in which she lives. Read More
Tried a dystopian theme for this one. Hope you like it, Please leave a comment to let me know what you think. Read More

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Raisa has reigned as queen of Aeon City for two hundred years. Despite a devastating solar flare and an ensuing war, Aeon City has not just survived, but flourished. Now Raisa must face a new threat from an old enemy; a threat she cannot overcome on her own. Guided by… Read More
Embark on a world in which the NRA has achieved their wildest dreams - with handguns as ubiquitous as smart phones - while Healthcare has gone the way of the dodo for all but the rich and powerful. Read More
Technology has progressed! Instead of years of schooling, individuals can now with the flick of a switch and 7 minutes to spare understand larger amounts of content and topics. The progress of humanity has reached its pinnacle, or has it? Read More
Living in a near-perfect city created five hundred years ago and guarded by robotic beings called Peacekeeper. Frei just wants to escape and look for her Father who disappeared into the wasteland five years ago. To escape the city Frei and her friends have to find out the dark secret… Read More
The person and the place has been intentionally left undefined so that the reader can imagine their own. Cover image: pixabay.com. Read More
Marigold and her little brother Charlie have been on their own for as long as they can remember. With the corrupted government, they are rebels on the run, living in the large forest outside the country of Pluviam. When they meet Archer, Oliver, and Orchid, everything changes. The five of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Cover image: Benjamin Lehman on Unsplash. Read More

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In the country claimed to be a successful utopia, there are two sides of the spectrum when it comes to how the society is viewed. To the man who was handed leadership over the country, it is everything he and his mentor wanted it to be. To the young woman… Read More
Kai Matthews and his friends live in a one of the many clans, each divided into what jobs you'll have. Kai runs a rebellion which wants to change the ways of the clan leaders, but he can't do it without help. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

based off "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Gilman Perkins. Read More
Photograph Credit: Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash I also feel obliged to state that the views that are expressed in this poem have no affiliation at all to the photographer, this poem is purely my own words and work. I hope you enjoy! Read More
i wrote this poem in 1987. at the time i hadn't the vaguest notion that it could possibly be prophetic. and then 2020 happened and the rest must be judged by the reader. Read More

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A grisly war veteran struggles with his inner demons while considering his unlikely conversion as a peace activist. Read More

Featured Review by Kristen Chan

"I was hooked throughout the story! Your story portrayed facing trauma very well, and the world-building was excellent! Such a scary time for Dar..." Read More

One of three short stories I entered into the 2020 Hive South Yorkshire writing completion; all three stories were long listed then one made it to the short list. This short story was long listed; the story has a biopunk dystopian world theme which follows a Scavenger as they work… Read More
Prison literature has existed for as long as writing has. Something about the old saying that the pen is mightier than the sword rings very true. Book burning, suppressing writers and journalists, incarceration of creativity and the death of creators litters human history. But they are the ones who are… Read More
The year is 2028 it's been 9 years since the Great War that saw most of the world nuked. A world government has now been set up to prevent anymore wars. After a tragic event Stan is seeking revenge, but against who? Find out more about this crazy world with… Read More
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