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First chapter of a dystopian book. This chapter is about a girl who grows up in a society where when they turn 16 they are sorted into colors based on personality. As an FYI, the formatting got messed up from my word doc. Read More
The Historians were a group of thinkers who documented erasures of history by the government. Read More
This is a Prologue for a dystopian book i am currently writing. I hope you enjoy :) Read More

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September 22, 2013

A dystopian vision of the not so distant future. The War on Terror continues unabated, and North America's Muslim population has been rounded up and settled in huge internment camps. Climate change has been ignored until the very air we breathe has become poisonous. A militaristic administration clamps down on… Read More
I don't really write at all, but I figured I'd give it a try. I started this idea in my head a while ago (while I was bored at work) of a not so distant dystopian future. This is just a short initial introduction to a few characters and the… Read More
There are two- no- now three things you should know about me. One, is that the blood running through my veins is cold. I'm the result of an experiment. The result of war, poverty, corruption, waste, materialism, people who revelled in their own greed and spilt their own blood on… Read More
The world has been destroyed by war, yet humanity lives on. Born into a world of soldiers and war, Salem Locke has the makings to be a great soldier. But anger and betrayal stabs her in the back, and lands her into the hands of the enemy. (PARENTAL NOTICE: there… Read More

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"The only difference between you and me are these software regulators your makers put into ya. They're supposed to make you a nice, domesticated little android. Go get me some tea, dear. Clean the house while I'm gone, please. Don't get all pissed off at someone who really deserves a… Read More

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July 26, 2013

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In a world that its people are constantly immersed in their own perfect simulated realities, a young boy whose father died giving him a warning, will stop at nothing to shut down the simulations for good and save humanity. Read More
A personal review and my thoughts on the book Future Track 5 By Robert Westall. I analyse various symbolism ect. Read More
Frank is Between Minds. Falling asleep in one means waking in the other with nothing but a bad dream that can't be touched, can he escape and which life is real? Read More
The world has been split into four corners, each bearing the conditions of a season. The Core stands in the middle of it all, controlling the elements around the world. When the Chief of the South's daughter, Kyra, goes on a trip to collect rains for her people to end… Read More
Scarlet Pattin has always known the world to be free of sickness and disease. But when her father is diagnosed with cancer, the world seems to turn against her. She finds herself surrounded by danger. There is no where she is safe. Until she finds a group of people who… Read More

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July 16, 2013

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In a post-nuclear war dystopian world, a criminal, Victor, escapes his protected City with blueprints vital to the king. Bounty hunters and guards search for him as he makes his way through the mutated wild with a mysterious girl, Alice, who has grown up there, traveling toward a City where… Read More
Jax Lives in a world where after a huge war, ever ones memories were erased, and the government reset the years to 00 it is now 016 and Jax is setting out to find out what happened, and what the goernment it hiding, and why Read More
Fifteen year old Corie lives in a controlled America where there is no money or emotion. After what seems like a decade of torturous living, Corie discovers that her world is nothing like she expected. This is my first project on this site so the formatting sucked because I'm a… Read More
Roadbone is a fictional autobiography of a man who has been a failure at everything he has tried to do all his life and has decided to commit suicide after setting his story down on paper.This is a work of fiction that is not for the faint-hearted, since I deal… Read More
With social and economic disorder spreading across the country, a young teenage girl embarks on a journey to join a massive and revolutionary political movement of teen "feral camps". Read More
Rebecca Sandars, a fifteen year old girl and her younger sister Eleisa were like normal children, going to school, making friends, and having trouble at home with independent issues. Although everything changed the moment a scientist tried to create a formula that was like steroids, but was healthier and wouldn't… Read More
This is a story of a Dystopian society that ends leading itself to it's own demise. Read More
It is 2142 when the World War of over 100 years stops. Power shifts from the ragtag UN to a band of pacifists to a seemingly kind and just queen-like ruler over just one year, leaving a 10-year-old girl dazed. But when that kind and just ruler eventually enslaves the… Read More

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A man who has forgotten everything, including who he is, is being chased through a twisted maze. Read More
My first attempt at actually sitting down and writing a fictional work, all opinions are appreciated and especially criticism! Very rough draft, hope you enjoy. (: Read More

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April 22, 2013

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This is a dystopian novel like no other. A nameless little crippled girl is living in a perilous future, destined to die. But when she is saved by one of the seemingly evil Providers on her deathbed, she is swept into a world of mystery and the lovely past. Read More
Dee's an orphan struggling to keep herself and her dog, Dog, alive. They live on the skirts of the city, where the have-nots languish in poverty while the haves glut themselves on luxuries in town. She knows to stay alive she has to move often, and alone. But her plans… Read More
After a second civil war, the United States has been transformed into the Christian nation of Amoenus. The citizens now deal with the reality of a theocratic society. Read More

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Dystopian story on the importance of education in America Read More

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This short story, set in a not too distant future where corporations have replaced states, tells the tale of Harvey Johnston's final days as Walmart's senator. Read More
Corinne is the adopted and unwanted child of seemingly happy parents. She lives in a dystopian society where over population and abnormalities are fixed by "the relinquishment ceremony, a ceremony that is meant to be treated as an honor. But is it? After Corinne watches a relinquishment on the day… Read More

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Four children go on the run to escape being "fixed", a process which changes the thinking of the brain in order to prevent another apocalypse. DYSTOPIAN!!!!!!!! Summary isn't very good, but PLEASE READ AND REVIEW/COMMENT!!!!!!! Read More
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