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The BoMoWriCha Prompts House

Yesterday I posted a story called 'Petite' for the BoMoWriCha weekly prompt. I messed up the required word count, so here is the much expanded upon story, now called 'Perfection'. Read More

Featured Review by Jeff Bezaire

"I don't know if you read my comment yesterday, but I think this is my least favourite piece you've written and it's all owed to your mastery at ..." Read More

When Eleanor Ashe turns 17 she begins developing unnatural powers. She is afraid to tell her government-working father, as he is a patriot to the law, and does not accept anything that is out of the ordinary. Soon after she discovers her abilities, she is framed for a crime… Read More
Black. Like airy darkness that swallowed you whole, the air smelled of nothing but of dust and the reeking smell of smoke. An aroma so foul but familiar, so familiar in fact, it scared me to what it was like formerly, before the darkness, before the screaming. Before everything,… Read More
Pearl Reach invents Plasma, a better and cleaner energy source, to make the world a better place. Unwittingly, she initiates the beginning of the end, and suffers for it. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lenny Priest lives in a dystopian world ruled by time. Every person on Earth now wears a Chronos device on their wrist that tells them their 'expiration date', the day that they will die. With less than a month left to live, Lenny must navigate life and love to… Read More
After decades of regeneration, the event has left the world divided and ruled by Zeta. In southern England, a lone wolf named Snipe Siren gains a reputation as a fearless rebel and protector of non-citizens. Snipe’s head is full of unanswered questions. Presumed dead for over a year and… Read More
The year is 2247. Physical contact has been outlawed for many decades. Hug dealers will tenderly embrace people in the dead of night, while shady people hold hands in dark streets. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Stuck in your own repetetive life, but if you do not change it, nothing will remain. You cannot put it on hold forever, it will catch up to you. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

From a simple ole boring day in the Johnson's household, to a frighting Government hunt for an unknown organism, The Thing is sure to take you on the fastest (yet long) most mind twisting adventure you can look for. Read but Beware, what you are going to read may… Read More
"Game of Thrones in space" Nine planets, Nine thrones, one crown. Kings vie for power, ancient ruins stir awake. A long-forgotten enemy in the deep dark of space. Seven-thousand years ago humans left earth to colonize nine planets. Adapting to the hostile environment the colonists… Read More
A unfortunate mistake leads to the arrest of three teenage protesters. Unbeknownst to them, death will not be their punishment. Something significantly worst lies ahead. Deseran's new arriving inmates, are in for a rude awakening. Read More
Three hundred years ago, humankind almost went extinct. That’s what the newly established government believed. They were wrong and they still are now. The government will be corrected. And very soon. The tale of a prodigy and how everything he knew came crashing down, literally. Read More
Years ago monsters appeared on earth and began to slaughter humanity, killing billions. No one know's where the monsters came from, but they had driven mankind to the brink of extinction, forcing them into hiding where they live constant fear of the monsters. In the current time,… Read More
The World Union has control over everything. Well, almost Everything except for the few places that are outside their power - the Herelands. Three lives: a girl sworn to complete her mission no matter what, a boy who wants to make his country and more importantly his father proud,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

All Rien ever wanted was to be left alone. Forgotten. And after so many years entrenched in the wreckage of her home she thought she had finally made it! But when she starts getting visits from an unknown being, she reveals a world hanging on the verge of apocalypse.… Read More

Book / Science Fiction

February 14, 2018

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The Review Chain House

Alison Grale is a regular person..... Then she finds out about time travel, shadow zones, time surfing and a lot of other things she never knew exisited. then everything changes. FAN ME IF YOU LIKE/ WANT MORE!! Read More

Book / Young Adult

February 03, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Warning: This story may contain inappropriate content for children under 12-14 years old. Sorry for the inconvenience. Claire is a 17 years old girl which lives in a middle town in USA. Her best friend is Nicole, they are childhood friends, and Nicole is quite older than Claire. However, Claire… Read More
A century ago, new life named the Vansae landed on Earth. There is no record of what happened, how long they were here or even what they looked like. There are mixed stories among the people of the new America that rose from the ashes of nuclear war and… Read More

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"The Father is all present, all knowing and all loving. He is the creator of the society and the society is good." The society was built to save it's citizens on the basis of one profound idea- meritocracy. For it's citizens, this means close evaluation at all times. Those thought… Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

January 21, 2018

Mo hovers tantalisingly between fantasy and reality, between horror and wonder. It describes how a young boy tries to find his way as family, friends, and strangers tug at his conscience with their conflicting demands. All the while a mysterious voice attempts to guide him. S Pearce's enigmatic tale skilfully… Read More
It was a dark and stormy night. No, it was not. It was a dark and foreboding time, where evil is good and good is evil, and evil and good are non-existent. It's a hundred years in the future, but it is now. It was… Read More
"Wait, let me get this straight.So you are going to start a rebellion against a rebellion you put in power against an earlier rebellion your grandmother put in power thirty years ago against her own family?" "I am so glad you are on board. Now let's go kidnap your used-to-be-dead… Read More
A high-ranking Militant fighting a civil war, Ruben finds himself injured and captured by the rebellion. Read More

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