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The Christian Writers House

The tragic events of 2121 are experienced by a typical Western citizen of that time. Sequel to IN A GROVE, CHRISTMAS STORY, and PC GAME. Continues in IDOLS, GENESIS, THE FALLOUT, and REDEMPTION. Read More
I don't really know how to choose the genre because this story is about how a boy improves himself academically. And the situations in the story are quite common in Asian countries. Everyone wants to get good results but often forgets the true values that lie within. Read More
A story I'm currently writing that takes place little over a century after nuclear fallout. The events are set within a supercity that survived the war but, only a few decades ago, was concealed in a dome of darkness, leaving the entire city in a perpetual state of night. Be… Read More
When the world we know is in ruins after waves of careless nuclear attacks, two vastly different girls find each other after an enemy raid of their camp. They don't know each other and they don't like each other. All they know is that if they want to survive in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A short tale about what happened the day the clouds stopped and the world ended. Read More

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The Contently Deranged Travelers House

A hundred years from now, the last foreigner is being expelled from China. Sequel to IN A GROVE and NEAR DEATH. Continues in IDOLS, ETERNITY, OF DOGS AND MEN, THE FORCE, and EDEN DELETED. Read More

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September 04, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

The aftermath of a girl's life in a province destroyed by solar flares. Battling her own sickness she must find a way out to save her family and her people. Read More
This is the first scene I have wrote and rewrote for the novel I am working on. Any and all feedback would be fantastic! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Equilibrium is a perfect city, with a brilliant design created by the Scientists, who keep a vigilant eye on their evolving population. When 13 begins her life as a full-grown citizen, she begins to suspect that her utopia is not as perfect as it seems. Read More
What if the Holocaust were to happen again except how you looked determined how you lived? This is the opening chapter of The SIN of Addison Hall, A dystopian take on a society where physical beauty defines The Master Race. Read More
I wanted to experiment with writing in.. a different kind of way? I have literally no ideas for plots, or anything like that, (except I had a really clear image of this in my mind/? I think it's partly based of My Chemical Romance's Na Na Na video, but who… Read More
Clara is a twenty year old adoptive mom. She adopted her now ten-year-old son three years ago. The Society is supposedly her most hateful hater. She talks bad about them back, too. She also raids them for supplies every once in awhile. Not only that, she has the only website… Read More
Chapter 7 of The SIN of Addison Hall. A dystopian take on a society where physical beauty defines The Master Race. Read More
It's a dystopian city. It's a secretive government. It's Emily and Indigo's story. Read More

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Long after the Trinity Wars, a world of light approaches the Earth. ARTIKA, a new-world regime in practice of mysterious sciences, discovers a staggering revelation. Where there is light, there is life. One blessed, the other cursed, war ensues between Earth and a star-traveling world—Niaysia. Corrine, curious to discover ARTIKA’s… Read More
This is a preview of a narrative i've been working on for a few weeks now. this is the second draft. Read More
(Warning strong language and violence in use. As always all feedback is welcome and wanted. Just don't be a jerk in the comments to anyone.) At the beginning of the 22nd century the Human race entered a new golden era that spanned over 50 years, but was quickly cut short… Read More
The Social Reality. A Massive Social Network On Which All Of Humanity Lives, Able To Build And Create Their Own Realities - Known As Alternates. However, They Are Under Threat. A Group Calling Itself The Omega Alliance Threatens The Entire Network And Its The Job Of The Reality Protection Force… Read More
This is a science fiction thriller that focuses on mind control and survival. This is NOT a kid friendly book. It has very mature content and violence. Think Criminal Minds. Reviewers are likening it to Dean Koontz's, Intensity. Here is the story synopsis. I have posted the first three chapters.… Read More
What I'm submitting here is the first three chapters of my novel, The Last Drop. The Last Drop is a YA, dystopian, Sci-fi, published by Beau Coup publishing. The hope is to find readers who are interested in the science fiction genre. The summary for the novel is as follows:… Read More

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April 27, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

The world, as we know it, has ended. Now one man must guide humanity through its bleakest hour. Reluctant superhero, Marine Sergeant Nathaniel Hogan…The Forever Man. A series of solar flares stopped the heart of our modern world, returning us to the DARK AGES. Now ‘they’ have appeared through a… Read More
In an Alternate Universe, during World War II, a Nazi scientist created a serum that utilized a very rare and recessive gene to create a super human soldier, this story is about a 16 year old boy named Derek Miller, one of these people affected by this mans work over… Read More
A pair of best friends, Aaliyah and Marcus enter the Program to become starship pilots as Earth's last best hope of survival. However, a fateful choice tests that bond, threatening to destroy their hard work and friendship in the process. Working behind the scenes is Christian, a man whose motives… Read More
Pandemic Dawn is a post apocalyptic novel set in the near future. Book One and Book Two: Rise of the State are both available already in paperback as well as Kindle and nook. Synopsis: Taylor is just trying to find his son in this world of disease, anarchy and chaos,… Read More
Taylor is just trying to find his son in this world of disease, anarchy and chaos, and along the way discovers a ring of slave traders which forces him to make a heart wrenching decision. Should he help these women and children and risk never finding his son, or continue… Read More
12 year old Mark finds himself surrounded by a world be hates... His father hates him, he doesn't understand anything. He hears crying one day, from a building high up on the hill... Read More
A Novel I am just now starting. The first few chapters will probably be a little rough as I get the story rolling but if your interested feel free to take a look. Its a very strange science fiction story where I take a look at a more dystopian future. Read More
Nationally famous comic book artist and writer Diane Nine has been a paraplegic since the age of five. Now twenty-nine, the only thing she needs in her life besides a fine chardonnay and massage is true love—if she could just keep her celebrity and handicap out of the equation. She… Read More

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