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This begs the question, is it ever okay to lie? Read More
Winter is still my favorite season, by far, I just miss my trips to the hot springs in Winter, where I get the best of both worlds: enjoying the snow while still staying warm! Read More
While it is incredible what mother nature’s majesty encompasses, it is important to respect and honor that as much as possible. Read More
I personally believe that if more appreciation was common for the current, simple things that we would all be better off. Read More
Adventure, of course, also includes our own stories and that of others. Read More
I think it is important to understand more, and dig deeper than that surface knowledge. Read More
These in themselves are, I believe, necessities for major changes and can certainly be seen as the first step. Read More
Currently, I am close to finishing The Witching Hour by Anne Rice and will be starting Shaman King omnibus vol. 4 by Hiroyuki Takei. Read More
I oftentimes find myself yearning for a simpler life, since life is absolutely what you make it. Read More
Hopefully, that will change soon. Read More
I think it is rather unfortunate when so many people get so caught up in avoiding very real problems… Read More
It’s amazing how fragile most beings are, both physically and mentally, but most trouble can be avoided by taking care of this amazing gift. Read More
. Right now, I am considering the concept of value and what truly decides it’s definition… Read More
but no one can predict the future, only hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Read More
Oftentimes, we always tend to get caught up in the physical and material world… Read More
Balance cannot be achieved without sacrifice. Read More
Especially when it comes to ancient history, which is bound to repeat itself. Read More
This can both be negative or positive, depending on the person, but never the less, it will be something different and revolutionary, which is the only way things can be improved, I believe, and all change requires sacrifice. Read More
Personally, I look forward to the change because it breaks up the constant boringness of daily repetition, so it makes for a greater appreciation of the little moments. Read More
I firmly believe that any legend has bits of truth in it and this time of change has some of the best legends in my opinion. Read More
Fall is a time of closure and reverence, and in my experience, that closure is something that few beings actually achieve, even though it is incredibly important. Read More
Life experience is probably the most valuable goal for people to strive towards. Read More
This crazy rollercoaster will always end up being what you make of it, and it is, I believe, a waste of this gift to get caught up and bogged down by the negative. Read More
If people weren’t constantly reminded to live in fear, we could all accomplish anything we set our minds to, but too many powerful entities survive on its constant reinforcement and suppression. Read More
Perspective is a very powerful concept and can be life-changing on both ends of the spectrum. Read More
If our lives are already decided for us, does it really matter what choices we make? Read More
It also reminds us that, while we can have a small amount of control, we are still victims of circumstance. Read More

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Life is certainly a roller coaster, full of ups and downs and various speeds, but what is important is remembering and learning from the positive and negative. Read More
While certainly a double-edged sword, I think the very brevity of life is one of the most essential keystones of existence. Read More
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