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If nothing else, I can live out my own dreams virtually. Read More
I look forward to what this final month will give me in this roller coaster of life and hope you all will continue to enjoy the ride with me. Read More
While the world may not reflect the accuracy of the season, I will still act accordingly and cozy up with a few great movies. Read More
But this will at least pave the way for the best season of the year. Read More
Well, here we are again, the start of another season, my favorite one even, and no sign that Mother Nature is on the same page as everyone else. Read More
I also am having a lot of fun being the personification of Death in Darksiders II and had no qualms setting it on apocalyptic difficulty. Read More
. Covered all the bases this past week and even broke away from the spookiness. Read More
Finally, I watched Scream and wish I hadn’t, there are a lot better movies out there. Read More
I figured I would take a break away from so-called scary movies and embrace the lighter side of the season. Read More
Crisp, cool air and just the right amount of precipitation are certainly a winning combination. Read More
The Black Clover anime is also ramping up to something amazing, and luckily it seems like it is here to stay for quite a while. Read More
I will absolutely keep everyone up to date about the official release date so feel free to stick around. Read More
No one can predict the future, though. Read More
With Fall weather comes awesome Fall shows with just a hint of terror. Read More
As if by magic, it seems as though I finally spoke Fall into existence. Read More
I also watched something called No Escape and think it was very well done and hope I get to watch it again soon. Read More
While I have not played too much of it, I am hooked in my own warped way and look forward to seeing where the story goes. Read More
I suppose it all balances out with night falling earlier; at least that is something that won’t change anytime soon. Read More
I hope when it finally turns to the appropriate season that we will be able to languish and enjoy it to the fullest. Read More
It seems as though Summer still feels entitled to linger longer than it is wanted, or welcomed. Read More
Certainly a fine example for all of us, I think; to simply keep on keeping on, even if something or someone tries to stop you from doing so. Read More

Short Story / Non-Fiction

September 24, 2021

With the past few years; however, I am certainly practicing temperance but I am confident the play will happen at some time. Read More
The band’s name is Fight Gone Bad and their debut album “Because Bureaucracy” is quite an audio treat. Read More
A single day of drizzling rain is almost enough to refresh the soul, but not when every other day is the hottest temperatures to date. Read More
It is probably the most inspiration I have seen lately. Read More
Personally, I don’t care who wins but certainly admire all the gifted athletes who are dedicated to this lifestyle. Read More
At least nothing beats a summer night, but sometimes I wish it was that cool 24/7. Read More
The play of “Antigone” is coming along quite well and we have been working on blocking and practicing lines. Read More
Really taking the time to brainstorm with the director, Julie Rada, has helped get my gears flowing and blossomed ideas for different types of lighting. Read More
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