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The Booksie Classic House

So the chapters in this book switch from past to present, keep that in mind!! :) Read More

Poem / Romance

September 08, 2018

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The Poems House

Just thinking. Read More
A Pessimistic look at the overpopulation of the earth and how they might deal with it. Read More
This book tells of God’s goodness, his mercy, his grace, and his love for the human race. This book offers encouragement, and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Are you facing difficult challenges in your life? Are you going through hardships? Do you have questions about faith, and why God sometimes… Read More
My secret can change the over-populating world. It can change mankind's future. It can change how the people will survive. It will definitely change everything living. That is the power of my secret hidden in its watery depths. Read More
* This is my latest Novel-in-Progress. I decided to share as I write.** A normal spring morning cascades into a nightmare world for Mera Stevens as 1.8 billion children simultaneously fall ill and then vanish from the face of the earth. Her son, Jeremy, is one of them. Increased natural… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

this was written after our latest earthquake which was a 5.5 and then a 6.3 in Christchurch New Zealand Read More
Just cooked this up in ten minuets, nothing particularly special just wanted to test Booksie out... The world has burnt, people ignored the countless warnings. There are a few survivors and they must find their way in the new world. The new destroyed, nightmare world. Possibly may add more to… Read More
This is a short story that I wrote for my Professional Writing class. It's a bit Asimovian in the timeline's scale, but I may rewrite it eventually with a different timeline. Read More
I decided to take Funny Bunnies Challenge and line she gave to me was, "the blessed I am." I don't know if it was chosen especially for me or not but to let you know, I am a moody person. The only thing that is constant is my faith, but… Read More
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