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Iaomaquilotui Such was the world of Iaomaquilotui. Hindu, Buddhistic. He said “Hey, let me take this on!”. Yeah, the world was full of spite and pleasure and bite, yeah, so Iaomaquilotui said proudly “hey god Aahmetaquitkakaname let me do this”. The world is yellow and bright and pretty and Iaomaquilotui… Read More
The poes compare youthful energy in young person with the sun in the east and the weaned energy in old person with the sun in the west Read More

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December 21, 2020

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Now I know. My poem. Read More

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an original thought from the mind of a wanderer. Read More

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A poem that is warning us about a possible future for us. Read More

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Only the East Indian Read More

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February 09, 2016

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We were in a rush to leave our coastal city, but when the time came, we didn't want to say goodbye Read More

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September 06, 2015

Criticizing the situation in Lebanon. Read More

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A foreign mother is being forced by her Kuwaiti son to go propose to his secret girlfriends mother. Confused and desperate, the mother hasn't a clue about the Arabic cultural norms when it comes to marriage... Read More
We All Have a Voice” is an inspiring testament to the power of speaking the truth, of bringing meaning to suffering, and of discovering what truly matters in this life. Amina, Maha’s mother, grew up in a Middle Eastern home where, from the time she was seven, she was responsible… Read More
She is a flower from the East. Read More

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The prelude to my new book "Born Under the Brixton Sun". A story about the lives of four young adults living in South London. Some want to improve their lives, others want to destroy them but everyone wants a different life to the one they've been given. Read More
The purpose of this research paper is to demonstrate analysis of the modernization processes of Afghanistan under the ruling of Amanullah Khan and that of France under the ruling of King Louis XIV; applying theories to compare and understand the accomplishments and failures resulting from the attempts of reformations to… Read More
Angelina, the author's alter ego, embarks a creative journey through men, art, books, Zen, Tantra, Psyche, and Goddess medicine, Executive by day, lover by night, Angelina hunts for men and business in hope of finding love and success. Convinced that she is more than a daughter, a lover or a… Read More
A short poem on the everyday massacre in Gaza Strip Palestine Read More
A mysterious foreigner shows up in the village of Akrabat, Turkmenistan. I apologise for people who find this politically incorrect about Akrabat, Russia and Turkmenistan overall. I didn't find very much about Turkmenistan, only the internet was my reference, so I had to make the scenery up > Read More
Summery?... im about to post a story here... Read More
After heavy clashes, an activist chats to a taxi driver Read More
Juggernaut's friend Belal got into a jam by dating a woman from department store 'Kirpalani's' in Trinidad. Read More
Germany 1947. A war lost, a country divided while shadows of the past linger over cities in rubble. Hunger is paired with self-pity. When an additional twelve million Germans from Pomerania and East Prussia arrive in the Rhineland and Bavaria, among them the Marlow family, the burden gets unbearable. Displaced… Read More
The Baikal seal lives in one of the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baikal in East Russia. The Baikal seal is the only one to live in fresh water. Read More
My poem is based around a soldier in the midst of a crisis. His country used the excuse of "war" to invade, take over and deprive a 3rd world country. After hiding the truth for almost a century he finds out the real reason and realises his whole life had… Read More
Juggernaut learned first hand that feeding wild birds could be troublesome if not hazardous. Read More
A poem about the Mad Poet/Necromancer Abdul Alhazred, who wrote the Necronomicon. Read More
This is a short play about being centered and in harmony in the universe. It is easy to be charismatic when you are centered. And the mask that covers the foolishness of the fool has yet to be discovered. Read More
In the summer of 1980, a maverick young doctor gave it all up, to hitchhike around the world. The first part of his odyssey took him through South America and up through Africa, accompanied by his mythical hunter companion, Orion. Between the Cartwheels is the sequel to that cartwheel, his… Read More
Told in the first person, this is a short story about a gay American nurse and his Iranian boyfriend, Shapour. A workplace bully picks on Shapour because of his ancestry. Willing to stand up for justice, will he learn how to defend himself when the time comes? Read More

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June 17, 2012

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Inspired by "The Legend of Zelda," “Fable,” and “The Elder Scrolls,” this epic about a young man, the last of the Dragon Fighters, must discover his destiny and save his kingdom from total annihilation by a force of darkness. Read More
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