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Number 6 rant topic - Adverbs - heaven or hell? Read More
Welcome to the 5th Editor rant where we discuss the rule of three. The killer of bland back and forth dialogue. Read More
Welcome to the 4th Editor rant where we discuss the concept of Show Versus Tell Read More
*holds up two fingers* "Pick numba free my lord" Advised the torturer, who then thought Hur hur hur. Farquhar indeed chose Princess Fiona. Little did he know she had a SECRET. Editor rant number 3 - POV (POINT OF VIEW) Read More
This is number 2. I know you've been waiting for it. Read More
I'm a developmental and content editor. I see the same problems from new authors all the time. It's venting time... :) Check it out. Read More

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November 01, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

What if the person you were supposed to be with simply appeared in your life? If fate allowed your separate lives to entwine naturally, would everything follow simply in black and white? Falling in love was easy for Ellis and Dasha. The rest of the world isn't as quick to… Read More
On my website catsedits.weebly.com you can find more writing tips as this. Read More
Some fun ways to beat writers block and get your creative juices flowing! **I actually did not come up with these on my own. I got them from this writing book my mom got for me. I just really like the ideas and they help me so I figured I'd… Read More
Many have asked how can I have a career as an author? This article is taken from several books on the topic, a successful author I know, and my personal experiences. Read More
The little creature's only desire in life was to have a halo like the pretty angels it saw in the Big Book...so it took steps to make a halo of it's own. The story takes place in a film school right before the final exam. Read More
Because it deserves to be said and read - and if we're lucky, taken to heart. And if you want to be a good writer, you should take it seriously. Read More
What would one person write as their first poem on a website devoted to writing? Oh, and a Title cannot be copyrighted, so the title I chose for this is "My First" but I had to change it, how stupid. Read More
Just a writing guide for me and from me. What came first? chicken or egg? I'm weird LOL. Just read Read More
This is a short guide for engineering and other technical professionals who need to re-think how to produce the content of their technical writing. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Here are some editing reminders for story construction. Read More
Do you write romance or young adult novels on booksie? If so, contact me if you would like your work edited. Read More

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September 13, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Need an editor? Send me your work and i'll edit it for you and send it back! Read More

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"WASL Failing Our Students" was written before the WASL was removed from schools for my English 102 class in college. Read More
How do you edit your novel? How far do you go? Read More
domino is a pretty awesome model ^^ these are pix of him that i edited :) Read More
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