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Nowadays, people are more interested in talking about education than about actual learning techniques. Our system is focused on teaching “normal” children how to get through life but forgets about the children that have certain health issues. We are always talking about education but we are constantly leaving behind… Read More

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January 26, 2018

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The Two Rivers House

Not all assignments follow the norm. Some might stretch you a little. Read More
know why education is important Read More

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Negotiate the difficulties of turning the century old educational system to a new that meet the needs of 21st century societies. Read More
Anna has been residing in the Chateau since she was four. Her life revolves around studying and preparing herself to be a historian. Explore the Chateau with her and unravel the true history of their empire. Read More
While the West finally managed to remove clergy from that troika which paved way for education, arts, science and technology to make inroads and that eventually gained strong foothold. Read More
It is an article about Pakistani education.It is about the poor condition of an education system in Pakistan. Read More
REFLECTION Seminar on Education-Research-Industry Nexus: Advances and Techniques In the 21st Century CSU Conference Hall, Ampayon, Butuan City May 6-7, 2017 By: Hazel R. Balan – Student, Ph.D. in Science Education-Biology The two-day Seminar on Education-Research-Industry Nexus: Advances and Techniques In the 21st Century was sponsored by the Graduate School… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's practically time the youths of our time embrace self education as a key to liberating us and the world from further sufferings and hazards which we would possibly have been averted through literacy development in the guise of self education. Read More
Paulo freire and the influence of gramsci,althusser,and western marxism on his work. Read More
This article entails how Uganda has lagged behind in technology in a number of ways that can be solved easily. Read More
Study hard, and get to a good JC. All Else Is Secondary. An unblinking satire that presents the Machiavellian ideologies that drive Singapore's education system today, from the perspective of a Secondary 4 student. Written for the participants, the skeptics, and the inquisitive reader. This short story has been submitted… Read More

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