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Life doesn’t come with instructions. However, it would be helpful if we were given basic instructions and information about the world, before entering it. This book is made for people of color to educate them on life as a colored person. Read More

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Through the story of Sheenu, an attempt is made to build healthy eating habits in children. To make healthy choices when eating snacks. Sheenu hates banana, has never eaten one in his entire life. One day has no choice but to eat the banana packed for school snack. He discovers… Read More
There have been countless viral pandemics wiping out specie populations here on earth since the beginning of when prehistoric life first began oozing from the slime, at times even in complete extinction level events. In this thriller action novel, it’s happening again today. ‘ANIMAL KINGDOM COME: The Extinction Virus’ is… Read More
i’m quite happy with what i have written. i’m still looking for an illustrator who can give me what i want so i can make into a book Read More
I had to get down on the floor to hear the daddy long legs because they are so small, and while they seem so insignificant, I learned that they have been a lot more successful than us humans and we should consider listening to them. Read More
For any fellow sociologists out there. This was one of the essays written for university last year, an essay that got me 26 marks out of 30. Read More
As somebody who has four pet rats whom I love very much, I feel that it is important to spread the word about just how grate rats are as pets. Read More

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The Review Chain House

A poem using the last words of various people through history as reported by Terry Breverton in his book Immortal Last Words. Read More
How did they all come together from the different corners of the earth? Where did the adventure begin? It could be said that it all started to come together in the Occident, as they traveled for the exotic land of Twarlot Twarlot; a nation once lead by their Priest-King had… Read More
This started of a song to my children which has been developed into a full short story Read More
This is how a non rich family son handled a freshman year of college finishing with a successful end of a year. Read More
So you wanna what it's like being a werewolf? I'll tell you in this story. Read More
Just when you thinks everything is fine; the unexpected occurs. If you love how animals look after us in return for our love and protection; you'll like this 100 word story. Read More
God's ultimate creations is a Christian Children's story in which the main character, 4 year old Nichole, kindly describes all the shining stars in her life as she appears to be quite knowledgeable. She speaks very thoughtfully with the deepest devotions as she learns about life in general. This story… Read More

Article / Horror

July 26, 2015

A bit of a scare and a bit of thinking for you. Read More
To be a musician/composer in todays world, you must be ready to give up most of your ideals of being normal, and be prepared to be bombarded with troubles in any and every form. Because without these troubles, you cannot understand what expression is trying to entail. Or is that… Read More
What is the difference between 'correct/incorrect' and 'true/false'? Read More
What an exciting world with many different animals! How many of these animals have YOU seen? Some are common in backyards and others are more difficult to find because they blend in with their wild surroundings. The Animal Book by Michael Bacotti Link: Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In this piece I explain what writing means to me; while hinting at my views on this society. Read More
This book gives helpful insight, into the minds of pedophiles and also will help you understand how to protect defend against pedophiles. Read More
As I knocked the door, my mom welcomed me with a smile. Accepting it, on the way to my room, I saw a knife over an apple, my dad was hanging a rope to dry up the clothes, and my sister was folding her saree, my thoughts found out some… Read More

Book / Non-Fiction

December 30, 2013

Just check out the book itself from: :-) Read More
This legislation creates a pathway forward. A law of ecocide addresses the source of the problem instead of the symptom and cuts to the core, which the UNCCC [United Nations Climate Change Convention] has not been able to address thus far. It provides a real framework for a solution on… Read More
This book is suitable for all primary school aged children. Satisfy their curiosity about other countries by teaching them simple words in five different languages Along with pictures this is an easy way to introduce your child to a foreign language. You might even find you enjoy it yourself! Please… Read More

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