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This essay explores the dynamics of respecting elders in society. Lack of "Respect" has been identified as the largest problem facing elders across many social strata, defined as emotional/psychological abuse, and has been found to underlie all other forms of oppression faced by seniors. This essay illustrates how a lack… Read More
How does one raise up children and why is it important? Today more and more parents find that their children are vulnerable to taking paths which lead to physical and mental problems. Teenage pregnancies,adultery and drug abuse are just some of the many problems that USA faces today. Read More

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Our leaders of modern age are what they are so long have they endured one awesome gift called persistence. One story of two world wars have caused within limits human life cost still they were priceless as barriers eluded into a story called what is written in this poems as… Read More

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Biblical doctrine is essential but too many churches are treating it as secondary. By looking at one qualification for elders we will see how wrong this actually is. Read More
In a world filled with evil and chaos, a beacon of hope is hidden... and it is growing to be as a strong child should be and would need to be in such a world. All of the lands both near and far have fallen to evil in its purist… Read More
her ordeal... he invaded her core... Read More

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(This is a short story but I'm going chapter by chapter) A village, trapped by their religious efforts, is blinded by the false reality they created for themselves. The elders created a false sense of security so that nobody would leave Velcorsia and over turn the elder's power. One boy… Read More

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December 01, 2012

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Lucifer created monsters to take over the humans in order to fight god and his angels. He named them Daimons. Forbidden, was the mating with humans. Daimons and humans, together, created a new race...Vampires. To punish the ones who went against him, Lucifer created dogs of hell. Hellhounds - creatures… Read More
Brianna's life has never been normal. Not by far. Kidnapped as a child and unable to remember her parents, Brianna has had it rough from the start. Now 16, Brianna finally gets her chance at escape, only to be dragged into the world of paranormal. Can she survive the truth… Read More
Dark Love A Twisted fate A Powerful coven leader name Mikhail during his blood battles with notorious vampire named Ivan coven Mikhail decides to annihilate his cousin Ivan coven entirely. until Mikhail then stumbles along his notorious cousins Ivan coven while seeing caged mortals in chains shackled. while one imparticular… Read More
Experiencing insight and transformation within community efforts ... Read More
A short tale on the respect and wisdom of our elders. Read More
-sigh- this is my last story on reserve, I'll have to write a new one soon.. I love PurdyxMousefur ^_^ that's all I have to say. Sorry its' so short. Read More
More thoughts encompassed on life itself Read More

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