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January 29, 2020

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The The Horror House House

A horror take on the origins of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale steeped in ancient Mediterranean mythology. It contains violent depictions of death. Reader discretion advised. An ancient temple is uncovered and Yancy Prince discovers the truth behind the horrifying tale of Sleeping beauty. The copyright-free photo was provided by… Read More
Our nameless hero enjoys yet another glorious day at University with the charming, amazing Professor Hollisch where nothing ever will or ever can go wrong. Ever. Read More
The ramblings of an empty shell moments before the end of the world. Read More
The most ancient tale of origin for the world of Magnus. Scholars have debated for years how much truth it holds. Read More
A two in one short story: The "Dog"-about an abhuman's journey through the Other plane and back and some hints about the imp's master. The "Thing" in the Laboratory-about Carnacki and Reade's prototype invention and the "compelling creature in the Laboratory. All of which happened after R.O.U.S. Read More
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