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Humans and nature have lived together for thousands and thousands of years. Each natural object was carefully placed as if Mother Nature had a specific purpose in mind. A safe place is where someone can feel relaxed and find peace. Being outdoors and connecting with Mother Nature is probably as… Read More
Keith Richie has always loved music and science fiction; he who controls the music controls the universe. Take a cinematic ride to places brimming with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life. Set the controls to autopilot and… Read More
Music and nature have always gone hand in hand for Rudy Adrian. He first started making electronic music while studying Forestry Science at the University of Canterbury, and in the following years at the University of Otago while completing a degree in Botany. The natural world continues to be a… Read More
Python Soundsculptures and Automatic Dreams: Fearless Automatic Experimental Generative-Iterative Electronic Music From the Artist Known as Mystified. Read More
Using pure organic tones within their many analog, digital, and modular synthesizers, Howard Givens and Craig Padilla have created hypnotic and meditative music to stir the heart, embrace the soul, and free the mind. Read More
Ben Cox's interest in electronic music follows experimentation with musical formal structures, metrical and rhythmic complexity, and the wide sonic palettes of electronic instruments. Read More
Exploring the Path Less Traveled, An interview with Ambient Electronic Musician Chris Russell just before the release of his newest album DESTINY on the Spotted Peccary Music label. Russell explores slow-flowing spaces with an artistic and cinematic flair, painting a world where delicate veils of sound are frozen in slow-motion… Read More
It feels exciting, like walking on thin ice, it can feel so transparent, with note-by-note realizations utilizing hypnotic rhythms and extensive use of the sound-design capabilities of his instruments with repeated pitch, filter or effects changes creating genuine spacescapes. Holmes is creating or discovering music using different tone qualities that… Read More
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