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Author's tale of his encounter with the Falmer in a snow storm in Skyrim! :) Note: this is a story based upon a book found in the Elder scrolls V - Skyrim... Enjoy Read More
Adeen is a young man from the village of Barrowwald, after his father was killed by bandits on his way home from the beautiful city of Lochhurst and his mum recently passed away, he decided it was time to find and lay eyes on this so called city of dreams… Read More
NOTE - THIS IS NOT A RE-WRITE, THIS IS MY WORK AND IS NOT ALL FACT TO THE ELDER SCROLLS... enjoy Battle of the Red Ring, was a battle during the fourth era of the elder scrolls, It was a battle fought between the Imperial legion Vs the Aldmeri Dominion. Read More
I'm sorry to say but this was not how my day should have gone.. Read More

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sancti dryadalis are a forgotten race who were banished from heaven a long time ago. now they wonder the earth soulless. no more than 12 hours can be spent among humans because their sacre circuli will fill in and they will die slow and painful death. The only way to… Read More

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The final battle is close, and Liezal needs her friends now more then ever as she brings the gryphon race together. However along the way she must keep them in line and fight the Golden Talon. Meanwhile the Firehearts are pushing the Golden Talon bacn and soon Liezal will have… Read More
Lizal is back, but the darkness inside has taken root and she cant keep herself together. Now Liezal must find a way to defeat the darkness inside her and save the Forbidden Library... Read More
Liezal Blue-Feather is a young gryphoness, and when she gets pulled into a war agenst the evil Pheonix-Born she has to give it her all to survive. However a darkness is coming and Liezal must get prepaired... Read More
A story of four heroes that team up to fight four evil creatures. Read More
Join Aliyah, as she is thrown head first into a world of dragons, elf, and much more. This adventure changes her life, will she be able to make the right decision in the end? Read More
Raza, the Prince of the Vampires, has been captured by the humans. In jail, he meets the Elfen Princess, Eruraviel (Air-oo-rah-vee-ell), together they escape, to warn their people, that the humans are lauching a war, one that they fear that they will not win. Read More

Book / Young Adult

October 20, 2009

Hezz has always been the loner vampire.Till on day he meets Snow.Ever since then she has seen him as a big "brother".Then they meet the shy werewlofe Mae. Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 09, 2009

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Kelcy's just a 15 year old school girl, happy, popular, with friends. But what happens when she discovers a whole new world, which humans never dreamt of? Kelcy discovers that her destiny is to be a powerful, vampire princess, and a warrior. But will she be able to balance things… Read More
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