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The dove descending breaks the air With flame of incandescent terror Read More
Colton was just four years old when his pregnant mother crashed. Little did he know, his little sister, Eliot, had survived and was in a coma for ten years of her life. Follow Colton and Eliot on their journey through their lives until meeting each other. Read More
My friend and I write matching pieces every so often based on a title taken from a song lyric, quote or similar. This time it was "Here I Am, An Old Man In A Dry Month. Being Read To By A Boy, Waiting For Rain." from 'Gerontion' by T. S.… Read More

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I am pleased to present you my self-compiled and published book, entitled ‘What is India?’, containing the quotes of the world renowned intellectual giants on ancient Indian Spiritualism and wisdom. This fervent appreciation of classical knowledge and wisdom by the wisest of the wise rational scholars from the world around… Read More

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August 25, 2010

Eliot is the youngest yet troublesome prince the King of Deosil ever had. Troublesome as he is, Eliot escaped from the Castle despite of his Father's restrictions on him. Eliot went into the forest to seek help from a witch called Baba Yaga, in order for him to know the… Read More
Through this interpretation of T. S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, follow a young American couple’s vacation in Germany. Watch as Emily begins questioning her sanity, and wonder if Al and Emily’s relationship can survive this dream vacation. Read More
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