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Everyone knows about Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist. The youngest State Alchemist, or otherwise known as a genious. And if they know about Ed, they've probably heard of Alphonse Elric, Ed's younger brother. Enter, a new story, a young girl with long blonde hair and golden eyes, adopted at birth… Read More
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Edward Elric's short rants are legendary....so I decided to get a bunch and....I practically died because I was laughing so hard. Enjoy some of his funny short rants~ P.S. These are Vic Mignogna's short rants (and some of his fans'..). I do not own them. :D Read More
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In order to receive, you must give something of equal value. Equivalent exchange. That is the foundation of Alchemy. Following a failed attempt to revive their deceased mother, the Elric brothers set off in search of the fabled Philosopher's Stone. Legends say that Alchemists who wield this stone are no… Read More
The bonds of love between mother and son, bother and brother, are stronger than most. Alphonse Elric shares more than one bond of love. And so he will show you through this one-shot. In this story he is not yet inside a suit of armor but still his sweet self… Read More
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