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Lenny Priest lives in a dystopian world ruled by time. Every person on Earth now wears a Chronos device on their wrist that tells them their 'expiration date', the day that they will die. With less than a month left to live, Lenny must navigate life and love to… Read More

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Have you ever had a dream that has struck you so profoundly. It became impossible to forget it? The feeling of finding heaven not on Earth or even up above us in a realm we can only by imagine, but in our very dreams. Author's Note: This is a literal… Read More
ELYZIUM, a colonial station built by Drifters (outcasts) from the ashes of a fallen colony during the dawning of the Age of Luminosity after being left behind and/or departed by their original colony. Now the underside of the colony is home for free black market including MBTB ( Mercenaries Beyond… Read More

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April 27, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

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Septimus a young Sky Dweller from the society in the sky known as Elysium watches and documents the daily activities of the human race down on the surface in the clouds. Forced to say outside of the golden gates of his home in order to watch the humans he starts… Read More
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