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Kayla, has only ever known Emilie, but when her world begins to crumble what is she expected to do? Will Emilie stay by her side like she said she would? Read More
Emilie will find out what it means to be free... Read More
Emilie has always got what she wants, if she wanted to stay out until 5am, she would. If she wanted to drink all the contents in her parents liquor cabnet, she could. But this time she hasn't got her own way. Her parent's go to Cyprus for a month and… Read More
Follow the story of a single girl who will change the lives of four very desperate men, all killers, and all incapable of love, especially one, who’s heart needs to be captured. Emilie has lived her entire life in solitude, abused, and hated until one day suddenly she’s dragged from… Read More
This is a random song I came up with over a period of two weeks. I wanted the tune to be a little Emilie Autumn/Dresden Dolls/Rasputina-ish style but I'm not the best person to make that up. Words that I didn't deem appropriate to be rated G have been replaced… Read More
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