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There seems to be a plethora of news and movies these days about an impending Armageddon. Read More

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November 17, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House


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The Booksie Classic House

As promised the narrative of the war in Heaven in epic form of at least ten Cantos.Using the "heroic couplet", an easy to read rhyme scheme for those not familiar with poetry or looking for an easy read poem. A modern telling centering on the perspective of Archangel Michael… Read More

Tags: end-times


Tags: end-times

Though both opposites there is light in both of the divine realms. One for joy and enlightenment. The other blinding and searing from the fires. Read More
The answer to the second coming and the antithesis to all divine. Read More
A tale of a rider going through divine trials and tribulations. Read More
The truth of what will be happening in USA from ice agents suicide note Read More
A woman kidnapped by a deranged stranger, she discovers he's not as crazy as he seems. Read More
The Anti-Christ is on the scene, leading his Luciferian cult with a goal of global domination in mind, leaving a path of death and destruction along the way. John Kyle, a decorated American Marine Special Operations sniper, is unknowingly thrown into the Anti-Christ's tangled web of deceit. Will he and… Read More
There are many different views floating around out there regarding the "End Times." Why is it important to study this topic? This is part one of a four part article on why we should study Eschatology (End Times) and the four main views found within orthodox Christianity. Read More
Regardless what any believe, the true words of God clearly say this entire world has been misled with reasons why and the few not of this world spiritually speaking who know truth with understanding; therefore this lengthy writing holds truth concerning our coming destiny through hard times and judgement. http://timesofroubles.webs.com/whyjudgmentmustcome.htm Read More
Who really rules this world? The absolute truth regarding this human race is not the good news all want to hear - Therefore Ignorance is Bliss. Read More
It's only those few having no association with this human race who can see what others cannot because their only source of life comes from God. http://timesoftroubles.webs.com/biblenotbelievedas.htm Read More
Truth according to what is coming upon this entire human race is not taught in the religions or education of man as written; therefore this civilization is in for a rude awakening. Read More
Because this entire human race has been misled according to God's own words believers refuse to believe, judgement is coming upon a totally unprepared human race with believers in God being the most ignorant. Read More
When there is an individual which gains understanding through what has been written while also striving to learn for many years with no other life, God allows them to see humanity as He sees; and God sees no difference between believers and non believers whom are of this world. But… Read More
Its only those few becoming no longer of this world through total disassociation with human religions, traditions and ways which allows them to see as our creator sees all the inhabitants on this earth. Read More
When God tells this entire world of believers they have been misled, none believe. Read More
Do you believe in God's truth? If so, are you living His truth beyond words? What God sees in this world of believers, they cannot see because God reads hearts and their intent rather than hearing words which speak many lies. http://timesoftroubles.webs.com/whatsalivingsacrifice.htm Read More
Within this world of today's shepherds,mostly all that can be seen is the great way of life for preachers, evangelists, healers and prophets, when in truth according to God, all of this world are false teachers. Look at the history of men of God and you will find no nice… Read More
There is truth and there is lies; and the god of this world is the father of lies who has the power to psychologically control all minds; therefore people and believers believe their own minds rather than what our creator speaks. http://timesoftrouble.webs.com/helllakeoffire.htm Read More
Our future being human destiny has been made clear through the words of our creator; yet we have a planet of believers not believing all the words of who they believe in; therefore destruction is coming upon them all while being completely spiritually unprepared. Read More
Care to read scripture for yourself telling just how God views this human race? It's not good, but true. Best viewed through link. http://ttimesoftroubles.webs.com/truefaithonlygodcansee.htm Read More
There is light and there is darkness with this entire worlds civilization living within the false light of their own mind while just in no way seeing the coming darkness upon this entire human race. Read More
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