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Poem / Poetry

January 11, 2019

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The Poems House

A poetic look at friendships lost. Read More
Random writing Read More
The terror love can inflict on us all. Read More
it is just a small part of a book i think i may write. it would be used as the ending if i do write the book. Read More

Tags: fiction, sad, ending

A woman wakes up one morning and discovers her feelings towards her girlfriend have suddenly changed. Read More

Book / Science Fiction

October 27, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Sol is a story about how one man named Kristoph Strowl Destroyed the world through the use of technology meant to usher in an age of infinite clean energy. Things don't go according to plan and Kristoph and His team must find a way to fix their mistakes while evading… Read More
A romantic thriller of a guy who is suffering from an obsessive love disorder since he fell in love with a girl in his neighborhood. Soon he becomes a mentally ill patient and is admitted to the hospital. When he is found missing from the hospital, he sees an illusionary… Read More
A mystery thriller of a boy, who gets a chance of solving a murder mystery with the help of an unexposed detective. He becomes obsessed to find the assailant hired, but will he be able to face the hidden truth behind the crime? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A young girl, Anna, walks you through her life of anger and rejection by her parents. Her story of the hard relationship with her parents and the hurt a divorce can inflict on a child. But as she grows up, she discovers the endless possibilities of life... Based on true… Read More
This is about two people.. their life.. their ups n downs.. hope you like it :) chapter 1 is the same as the miscellaneous story.. the fairy tale.. others are continued.. :) Read More
When I look him I thought I should move on... Read More

Tags: love, story, ending

Average Sci-Fi stuff. Space travel, end of the universe, physics that probably don't make much sense. It's short. Thanks for reading, if you do. Read More
Dedicated to those who I learned the hard way from when it comes to dealing with matters of the heart. To old friendships this one is for you! Read More
I have never written any kind of fiction or anything of the sort before, and this is just a quick attempt to see how it goes. I have a kind of idea for a book about an experiment conducted by some sort of Government agency to completely map the brain… Read More
All, Aaron wanted to do was make her happy. Read More
Kind of like Mean Girls the movie and Mean Girls 2 Read More
What makes you wonder most? in most cases people simply wonder how others are doing but others take it as far as wondering how the human race is going to last and what will be our main downfall Read More
Lucy Combs just moved to California with her best friend Mia Lazarri. They're going to a concert for their new favorite band, The Gatekeepers. At the concert, Lucy needs to find help, and fast, and who better to help her than the band themselves? Leo, Victor, Shane, Jay and Owen… Read More
Poetry for a five-line contest! Hope you all enjoy ^_^ Read More
Midori and Kaori were best friends. They love each other as if they were sisters, until Kouichi came into their lives. What would be the effect of his presence to the best friends’ relationship? Read More
This story is about a person who has discovered a leather bound book one day while cleaning. The book is harmless more or less, the real threat is what lurks when the book is read. Read More
In the year of 1864, Catherine Marshall's parents chose a suitor for her to marry, whose name is Peter Clark. Now, during their wedding ceremony, in Catherine's mind she doesn't want to marry Peter. Will Catherine be available to break off the marriage, or will she be a good little… Read More
In the year of 1864, Catherine Marshall's parents chose a suitor for her to marry, whose name is Peter Clark. Now, during their wedding ceremony, in Catherine's mind she doesn't want to marry Peter or have anything to do with him. Will Catharine be available to break off the marriage,… Read More

Short Story / Other

March 04, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

This is for EverAfterDarling's contest. My words were: High school, prank, bad ending. ©Fantasy87 Read More

Tags: school, high, bad, ending, prank

Poem / Non-Fiction

January 30, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Its a poem about love.lost and found again. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 25, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Dont listen to those people who continue to put you down. Listen to those who care and to those who tell you to keep going. You are meant to live and make a change or do something great. Read More
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