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December 10, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

The end Read More

Tags: mob, enforcer

Book / Horror

December 09, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

A pussy enforcer! Read More

Tags: mob, enforcer

Braldt Chelsea has a moment of clarity and plans his escape from the whims of 'Cousin Reginald'. Will it be enough? Read More
Sloan's work is starting to catch up to him, slowly destroying his body - but what does he care? He's getting paid to clean up nasty stuff - and there's plenty of work out there. After clearing out some bad guys he was hired to whack, Sloan gets a new… Read More
Sloan's day job: drinking to get over his problems caused by his night job: being a whacker of supernatural monsters that go bump in the night. He gets offered several thousand dollars to deal with 'weird stuff' at an upscale mansion. Little did he know it would be more trouble… Read More
Malloy's boss is in a rare lenient mood and sends him on a relatively easy assignment that seems like another job to get payment: bust a guy's legs and give him a week to make due on what's owed. With time running short and the client still refusing to cough… Read More
Malloy thought he could get a break from his job, but when he returns home to what he thought would be another night of drinking and dreaming, he meets a mysterious woman with a major problem: someone's after her and she thinks Malloy is the one to save her! Unable… Read More
Malloy's rent is overdue and his electric just got cut off. If he doesn't want to end up out on the curb, he needs a job - fast! Hence answering gigs in the want ads. Little did Malloy know what kind of job he'd land if he just took more… Read More
So in my old account I started the Peddler and then working with Life Reaper we made teamed Peddler up with Grim and others and we had a new adventure. But... this is the Peddler's pov of things, from the creator of the entire peddler universe, lol, enjoy. -Warning- I… Read More
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