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On the City World of Ciratha, thousands of large scale infrastructure projects must be completed every year to prevent disaster. From powerplants to air purifiers to sewage pipes, it’s impossible to overstate how much time and manpower is put into keeping things running smoothly. On a smaller scale, millions of… Read More
In my college days, I used to attract a lot towards the others. I think that everyone feels this. Now, whenever I remember that just make laugh and I tell myself, how foolish I was? Read More

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The Reality with a twist House

Once upon a time, beginning of a story from childhood. Beginning of a story that has happy ending. That’s why I want to start this with that. It gives me strength to write, I need it so much. So here we go. I promise to take you inside my… Read More
One man's magic is another man's, --- , well, I guess it is a kind of magic too. Read More
Medic has no family and his misses has left him, where is he going to go for the new year? Author note:I tried doing a audio but I bet I kinda failed, I hope get some feed back on it if I should do it or not. Read More
A new member of the Team Fortress takes them by surprise. She calls herself the seeker and the team finds that she is very clever with her tactics, but there something that she isn't telling the team.What happened to her in the past? And Why is she here? Read More
This is a short excerpt of hopefully a larger story. It is about surviving during the periods when Zombie attack is not much of a threat so concentrating on the human element of the situation. This is my beginning. Hopefully I find the time to write more. Read More
It's Amazing! You're on space, bro. Hope you can handle it. Read More

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September 13, 2012

a poem for engineer Read More

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Not all stories have a summary.....just read on...... Read More
Heart touching story about a father and his software engineer son. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Love is like a butterfly If we squeeze hard it'll die If we lax a bit it'll fly. but Love is not a butterfly like I thought. Love is God's gamble. Sometimes, he bluffs. Find out why. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Muslim engineer designed the earthen dam over 4 centuries ago on one of the tributary of the river “Musi’ to artificially create a 10 square mile lake in the center of City of Hyderabad in Southern India. The Dam now called ‘Tank Bund’ became one of the best recreational… Read More
Since this story "Happy Machine" throws insights on various things (natural, unnatural, spiritual, etc, etc) let me give out a set of morals. For the first time in the history of story telling (I can claim… no one can sue me) a story to have more than one moral. Here… Read More
A sewer treatment plant built on the beach front road, where it could be? In Vizag, a large metropolitan city in South India with a population over 2 million. “Whose idea was that?” inquired Juggernaut. “Don’t ask me, I only work here,” replied the irritated lady engineer working at the… Read More
Life comes hard for a newly married, young mother. Read More
So in my old account I started the Peddler and then working with Life Reaper we made teamed Peddler up with Grim and others and we had a new adventure. But... this is the Peddler's pov of things, from the creator of the entire peddler universe, lol, enjoy. -Warning- I… Read More
This is a short Story that I wrote after my Father's death in September, 2006 Read More
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