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When two teams are playing, we don't know which one is going to win; but in the life game, everyone knows that 'death' is the outcome. My poem. Read More

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April 01, 2016

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enlightenment Read More

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Poetry comes from inspirations and feeling Read More

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Life is a maze that is so easy to get lost in, yet so easy to escape. Read More

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Submitted for StephanieJane's contest, round 2. Yeah, this is fantasy. But not too much fantas-ical... A story purely built up by dialogues. Hope you like it.. (The original title is 'Unfold your wings', but booksie said a content already exists in that name... So...) Read More
I wrote this about the emotions and feeling we have when we are living a happy life. It is full of pleasure, laughter and excitement...if only we could achieve this at all times!! Read More
After reading the buddhist text The Dhammapada, I became inspired and decided to make my own text of wisdom. This text teaches growth of one's mind. Let yourself be enlightened. Read More
the path gets clearer Read More

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June 17, 2008

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This is in response to mystory's challenge. :) My words were enlighten, smile, angel, reflection, and floating. This is dedicated to one of my closest friends; she always pulls me up when I'm down. I hope you like it. :) Read More
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