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My name is cody a. newell. My whole life I've be curious on our story. Stories related to many mythology's, for example Biblical, to scientific progress from Big Bang to Darwins. My short story has an ancient background for a modern fictional take, hope you enjoy. Please ignore all grammar… Read More
Smithsonian came to “acquire” the bronze book. I had already taken photographs of each of the pages within the book. After a year of translating the text I felt compelled to share the story discovered. Even though I was warned not to share this content with the public, I have… Read More
This article covers a little about Hadrat Hussain Bin Ali (RAA)'s great martyrdom that was prophesied in Book of Enoch, Old Testament, al-Qur'aan and the numerous Prophetic Traditions as recorded in Major Books. One can read it in Book of Enoch and/or in the book of Jeremiah (OT) and in… Read More
A peek behind the creation of my poem "Enoch". Read More
An inspirational poem of Christian Faith. Read More
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