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communication is a vital aspect for any business, most business will crash down to the ground due to miscommunication among the organizations staffs and the management. Read More
This story is about a Puerto Rican disabled Viet Nam war veteran who tried to fit into the business world on his return, but found no real opportunity. He turned his talents and marketing education from Bronx Community College to a business that allowed him to live a comfortable… Read More

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September 17, 2017

My Kerala is gifted with a beautiful heritage. What makes this effort always creditable is the support of our leaders who enjoy this privilege to do bigger things at the right time. I hope this time has come. :) Read More
Alex has been working on his dream project that is about to become the next big idea in the TECH STARTUP circuit. Failing a few times, he finds the perfect product. Success comes too fast or that's what he thought when he sells his first product, bringing all sorts of… Read More
3 essential steps for entrepreneur. 1. accept challenges. you are different when you try something that others say impossible. challenges can either lead you to success or failure but you will definitely learn to be wise. you would increase your knowledge by learning new things. you can also discover your… Read More
The Millionaire Mentor is a little book with a BIG message, offering sage advice you can use to move ahead in your work and in life. Read More
The corporate leadership must contain smart vision for future especially the situation.... Read More
I am in a process to launch a hand-wearable fashion product soon. It is still in development stages. I am writing a story to show what the product is about. Product code name: GLOUCH Guess what the product is about. The story is about a simple boy who turns into… Read More
This novel has a strange parentage. It started as a short story that was a by-product (believe it or not) of a young adult story titled "Volunteeers" (which I have yet to publish) and inspired by my Twitter fiction series "President Evil" though not set in that universe. Now that… Read More
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