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A chain verse analogous to life and how it converges after a long journey to the point where it started. Eyes are sure to be damp... feelings may vary Read More
Alex has been working on his dream project that is about to become the next big idea in the TECH STARTUP circuit. Failing a few times, he finds the perfect product. Success comes too fast or that's what he thought when he sells his first product, bringing all sorts of… Read More
Dedicated to all the women entrepreneur who fought for their dream and became one of the leading business tycoon worldwide. Read More
This is an inspirational book for making change in an individuals life Read More
Syed Babar Ali career as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and public figure has been multidimensional and the list of his achievements is rather exhaustive Read More
Why Is Creativity The Revolution? is a discussion about creativity. Some of the topics include When We Create, A Model For Creativity and When We Are In The Creative Process We May.... Read More
Kenya's business community has a role to play in peace building. Read More
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