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A contest piece for a different site: Write a Dialogue for and between pieces of fruit. Read More

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Poem / Humor

August 26, 2018

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Inspired by a piece of music from this years Proms Read More
this is a short diary entry entry #1. Read More

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Fighting for the last slice of pizza, pulling each other's hair or leg, wiping off the other's tear, prank-ing people together..... Well, that's what friendship is about. Always made promises of being best friends forever; but could you adhere to your promise? #1 in smiley113's april contest (yay me! lol) Read More

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I wrote this for a poetry contest and its about my first love Read More
Contest Entry for Flannery! Read More
When times aren't sunshine and rainbows, when the things we see might not be real... This journal will capture those moments. +- Okay, I realized that I accidentally put my first entry under "Short Story", therefore I could not add to it. .3. However, putting that aside, I'll just move… Read More

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Here is a poem for Briannasbooks' horror contest, where we had to write a poem or short story about a given picture or title. My chosen title was "The Doll". I hope you enjoy! :) Read More
A contest entry... I don't expect to place, but thought it would be good to practice writing from a prompt :) Read More

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This is my entry for dclovesfd's five-sentence contest. For the first round, I used some lines from the song "Breathe" by He Is We. Read More

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Entries for dclovesfd's 5 sentence contest. Read More

Poem / Other

July 08, 2014

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A 5 line poem about pencils for evferee's 5 line poetry contest. Setting- Bedroom Main Idea- Pencils Read More
This is a contest entry and it is a couplet Read More
My second contest - very simple and straightforward! All you have to do is write a couplet :) Read More

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“I thought you would stay a little while longer…” Contest entry for TigerLilly97's "The Object of Romance" contest. - My object was a diary. Read More
Sometimes our fears are really our thoughts... Read More

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my twist on the fairy tale cinderella. this is for agitha scotties contest. i am basing this losely on my life.i hope you all enjoy this. Read More

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Contest price about holidays.I chose st. Patrick's day obviously.tell me what you think people. I hope you enjoy my piece. Read More
A journal entry about the differences between apes and humans Read More
My contest entry to YF68's Short Story Contest on a chosen theme. Thanks to anyone who reads it :) Read More
This is my entry for the fourth round of Dclovesfd's Five Sentence Contest Read More
For SkyeChanel's contest. On Christmas Eve, a couple reflects upon their first Christmas together as the woman begins to give birth to their baby. Read More

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Kitty Mason was only fifteen years old when she found out that she was pregnant. Ashamed but unwilling to ruin her reputation, she gets a back-alley, illegal (at the time) abortion. This is set in the 1920s. This is an entry for the Five Sentence Contest. The two words I… Read More

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Ashley's father is facing his last Christmas and Nicholas knows just the thing to help them both through it. Won third place in FlanneryChallengesYou's Very Merry in Love Christmas contest. Read More

Short Story / Memoir

November 25, 2013

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A dancer has many ways of performing, but even more ways of tricking themselves. Read More
An introduction. 25/10/2013 CLOTHING. Tassle loafers, red and white striped socks, black denim, button down shirt and flat navy woven tie, 70's BORG fur trench coat. Read More

Miscellaneous / Other

October 20, 2013

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For dclovesfd's 'Five Sentence' contest. Read More

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This is a contest entry. Dark witches make a terrible mistake, and pay for it. (I am not trying to make Pagans look bad, this is just a story about witches using energies for dark purposes.) Read More

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It is about the ruler of the seas, who curses the children of the most powerful man on earth. The ruler is angry that its kingdom has been destroyed by man's pollution and steals the children to make a difference. For Peyton Kirby's "Twisted Children Short Story Contest." Read More
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