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A poem for Forbidden's seven sins challenge. I choose anger... Read More
Another poem for z0mb1ezg0dd3ss's challenge. This is more of an experimental piece.... Read More
Brett wants something from Stacy and he'd do just about anything to get it but could there be an unlikely hero in this tragic tale? Read More
-For Destined for Darkness' Descend into the Darkness Challenge- Mali is a banished royal Moroi traveling distant lands in a nomadic lifestyle. Moroi were mortal vampires who still had their souls and connection to one of the five elements. Strigoi are immortal vampires who don't have souls and have no… Read More
A young college student recalls the events leading up to a friend’s visit to a hospital. Based on the song “Brick by boring brick” by Paramore, for EliseMarieRenspera’s contest. Enjoy! Read More
Can one person change completely in the course of a great night and a few drinks? Dani did. Read and find out what Dani's final performance lead her to doing. My entry for AnnabelleGraces Join My Challenge Challenge. Read More
For forbidden's Pick Your Story Challenge! Verity is a twenty-six year old woman, daughter of two world famous people and part of the family that is the third richest people in the world. When Verity was between the ages of ten and twelve she went through some traumatizing near death… Read More
Based on the song 'She's got Style' by NeverShoutNever I am now addicting to this song. My number was 11 and keywords were shrimp and helium Read More
My entry for blowmeakiss's music challenge. I based this on Fuel's "Gone". Kellen has been having strange dreams lately. Dreams promising him destruction and making him question his choices in life. When his dreams start to intrude on him when he's awake, it seems like his life really is going… Read More
These are writings from my happiest and unhappiest. The diary of just another girl living just another life. Read More
This is for JewlzRM's Teen Suicide challenge. Read More
A poem that I was inspired to write after I saw a documentary about the horrific events of 9'11. Read More
Challenge Entry for JewlzRM's challenge Read More
Jay is about to do something he might regret for the rest of his life when an old man suddenly apprears and tells him about Ezekilirei, a demon that lived long long ago. An unknown legend. This is made for AvidReader's picture challenge. Read More
My entry for Wilkson's Story Starter Challenge. My prompt was: The black eyes of demons peering from the cuddly whiteness. Soft snow white fur and overly large ears with a cute snout and a happy smile. Paws and arms and no teeth, but it's evil. I can see it staring… Read More
My Entry for JewlzRM Teen Suicide Contest Read More
This Is A Challenge for Booksie Members Who Like To Participate in Challenges that Write Short Stories or Novels. It's like a mixture of a main idea contest and an actual beginning of a story. Three people will get the same thing and we will have champions in those and… Read More
In Leaaa's first challenge we had to select a number and she's give us four names to choose for the main character's name and an object we had to include in the story. I chose the number 6 and got the names Oli, Cindy, Jasmin and Dennis. My object is… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jamie and her three brothers Jason, Jackson and Jordan are lost in a maze, which will kill them after three hours of being in it, will they survive? ------------------------------------------------------------ My Competition entry for LizanneStewarts competition Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A night in the life of a vampire slayer... This is for mommy3's challenge... I had to do mine on a vampire Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

my competition entry, for DarkShadows Competition. About a girl called Stephanie and her hatred of her twin sister. Read More
Life just got a little bit more dangerous.... A story about Impossibilities, Fate and most of all Love; Follow Kimberly’s story in Life Starts Now. This is for ElainesPenguin13's "Best Vampire Novel Teaser Challenge!!!" Read More
entry to the words of English Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is for Taylorshaeee's CONTEST:). My song is Dare You To Move by Switchfoot. Melody Niagra is a fourteen year-old girl who's mother was recently killed in a violent murder by a serial killer called 'Game Play' and now she's just trying to stay alive herself. Everyone of her grandmothers… Read More
This is my entry for Melanie's INTRO challenge. I wanted to write a short story, but I won't have the time. So the Intro will just have to get you making up your own stories. :D Read More
This is an entry for DeathAngel's contest. PLOT: A young Christian girl, Victoria Parsons, falls for the non-believer bad boy Axel Marks. She has to try and fight the temptation so she can stay true to her faith, will she or won't she? Read More
My online journal because I don't like to actually 'write'. True story!! Read More

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Chris Lacey moved to a new home in Mississippi. But he won't get to live there for long. Read More
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