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Essay / Memoir

February 11, 2019

A new project in 2019 keeps my eye to the sky. Read More

Essay / Memoir

February 09, 2019

Winter cheer and color is provided by a community of birds. Read More
Two worlds collide when a mermaid and human man meet, plunging readers into a vast underwater realm brimming with adventure and intrigue. Coralline is a mermaid who is engaged to the merman of her dreams. But when an oil spill wreaks havoc on her idyllic village life, her little brother… Read More
Haiku of societies problems. Read More

Poem / Romance

October 24, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a poem about the importance of loving and protecting our environment Read More
poetic script of eco-story, environmental issues, fighting for the rights of the natural... Read More

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Poem / Poetry

June 02, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem depicting the horror of animal cruelty Read More
Really short poem about the Earth. Read More
The elite want to destroy us. Read More
seaweed is basically what this is about Read More
A Maori legend used to teach African kids. Read More
5TH Scientific Conference and Workshop on Philippine Long-Term Ecological Research Read More
World Environment Day (WED) is a biggest global annual event celebrated each year on June 5 to promote the awareness about the importance of preserving the environment. This book was published to commemorate the world environment day-2017 (WED-2017). The main purpose of this book is to highlight – how biotechnology… Read More
a young girl decides to take on the environmental issues regarding weather and the infringing wildlife. Read More
On one rainy day, Poppy discovers the truth to nature's destruction. Grandma tells the story with resignation and self-pity, so it's up to Poppy to bring her spirits, and her hope, back up to snuff! Read More
as you approach the marketplace in most metropolitan cities in nigeria, your eyes meet with the variegated heaps of rubbish behind dank brick walls, and the stench of black slimy gutters, mixed with the prevailing rotten fish and urine smell, hits you in the face like a baseball bat. Read More
The world around is in a state of decay, we do not know what chemicals we are breathing in, the air is filled with toxins that we cannot see. we are fighting a losing battle. pollution is here to stay. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a poem about the way things seem to be changing rapidly when considering the way we treat marine life, and the consequences for our own communities. Read More
Hi everyone, I wrote a short short-story more than one year ago, and have finally found the guts to show it to other people! It's not a realistic short-story, but it's not sci-fi either. It's an apologue, I guess, and is about the environment (very unconventional, I know). Ii'm looking… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Gerald is frozen in the 20th century and wakes 2,000 years later to find himself a prisoner in a strange and violent world. He escapes, only to find that the outside world is far more horrific than he could ever have imagined. He must find a way to work with… Read More

Poem / Other

January 21, 2017

My vision regarding us, as a race, our actions and everything else. Read More
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