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The Booksie Classic House

Eons ago, there was an age of great fighters known as the Jo-lan who drew their powers from mythical beasts known as Psychorages.They used their powers to ensure peace. However an evil fighter called Innovain who was directly descended from Souryu, an evil dragon Psychorage that once threatened humanity brought… Read More
Peace has reigned in Moorbia, due primarily to the tireless efforts of NOVA, the international body set up to arbitrate disputes. It has kept the peace for many decades and has avoided several major conflicts. But it has been a strained peace, like the calm before a storm, like a… Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 06, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

After a young man's untimely death he awakens in hell, unable to recall anything about himself. Rescued by a powerful free-soul, he is thrust into a war of epic proportions between the few surviving free-souls, and an endless onslaught of demons, all the while trying to piece together his past… Read More
Are there places beyond heaven and depths below hell? Read More
This is a story which im currently working on. It's the first time I attempt to write something like this. Something of a poem written in Iambic pentameter ( or so I try) that maintains its rhyme and a rhythm which is pleasing to the ear. If I wrote… Read More

Poem / Fantasy

November 14, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Time is no more than a saga spun. Read More
In the epic tale of "These Titans," the forgotten history of Rome's true demise and the downfall of God's most prized artwork is broadcasted on an open canvas. Six lone men defy God's game and reign on top of Catholicism itself. Rome's downfall lead to the Germanic tribes scratching at… Read More

Tags: poem, epic

What if the mythology of our world was just the history of theirs? Demitra Hecataki is a spirited street magician from Greece who craves adventure and an escape from her boring life. Victor Garnett is a popular schoolboy from England, hiding a curious secret about… Read More
The story follows an ageing gladiator. Tella has a complicated past that haunts him. Read More

Tags: fantasy, war, magic, mage, epic

Golden Cloud's best friend is just about ready to become the goddess of wind. However, a group of evil boys discover how beautiful Golden Cloud is and they set up a trap to catch her for her feathers. Read More
So sorry to everyone that's read so far, I've been buried in holidays and writers block lately but I found a second wind and hopefully I'll be back at it soon. Stick around for more awesome narrative! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem is a work dealing with a subject matter that few writers, fictional or non-fictional, ever contemplate, let alone debate. While the subject matter is seldom addressed in the Western World, it is well known in the Far East, and is a subject often debated inside the many intellectual… Read More

Tags: poem, aliens, epic

Book / Fantasy

April 28, 2018

The world of Kaladar is frozen beneath the glare of two suns. A power that has lay sleeping for 2000 years is beginning to awaken once again, sparking war between every nation. Klade: the eager killer. Lethine: the hard working soldier. Zach: The maniacal politician. Meldoy: the spoiled key.… Read More
"Game of Thrones in space" Nine planets, Nine thrones, one crown. Kings vie for power, ancient ruins stir awake. A long-forgotten enemy in the deep dark of space. Seven-thousand years ago humans left earth to colonize nine planets. Adapting to the hostile environment the colonists… Read More
Isu Magan, heir to Vintrig's Throne, has fallen in love with Sama Conn, a travelling musician. Fearing to lose her promised inheritance, Isu is unwilling to show her true feelings for the man she loves. Terrified of her Counsellor Jya, Isu is forced to meet with Sama in secret.… Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

High Fantasy sub-genre trope subversion coupled with radical sexual dimorphism...what's not to like? In a world plagued by conflict---where an ancestral rivalry threatens to consume the nations---elves command a mighty empire, while orcs struggle against oppression. Tensions escalate as the ire of the Tree-Folk is… Read More
My name is Seraphina Austauand. I am seventeen years old, and I was once the prodigy to the Lord of the Shadow Assassins. Not even he knew the secret to my success- natural born magick in a land where it is thought to no longer exist. I live in a… Read More
Book One of The Nexus of Kellaran Series. A mighty world of magic and wonder approaches a global turning point, and a global war. Young Mark finds himself at the center of an intense whirlwind of adventure, romance, and action that will transform the world of Kellaran in only seven… Read More
A tale of the past, present, and the future yet to come. Read More
Book One of The Nexus of Kellaran Series. A mighty world of magic and wonder approaches a global turning point, and a global war. Young Mark finds himself at the center of an intense whirlwind of adventure, romance, and action that will transform the world of Kellaran in only seven… Read More
There's a new member of the ambitious Fry family. Diane Fry, a prodigy daughter of a family of weapon makers and Bishop Fry, one of the fastest developing wizards in the entire Black Thorne continent. And now a new child has been born into the family. This has drawn the… Read More
What if there were a parliament of things, in which EVERYTHING - trees, chairs, nits, dogs, red bricks you name it - gets a say about the fate of the world? And what, then, would lichen have to say for themselves? Read More
One man. One mission. To get to his date. How will he ever succeed? Read More

Poem / Humor

May 03, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Imagine Hercules having to do his twelve works again - but in modern times. Then, try to imagine a report of his efforts written in the style of Byron's Don Juan. Like what you're imagining? Then start reading. Read More
The sequel of two other my stort stories: "The Dragon Slayer from a Forest" and "The Blood of Innocent", so you should (but, of course, don't have to!) read those before to get the full understanding of the plot. Enjoy! Read More
This is a blockbuster-type short story about... well, the title tells what it is about! : ) Read More
As hope against any assault they had planned to once and for all end winterirons reign seems to be fading, the group of individuals, self-proclaimed: zealots of the idyll, the only real heroes left on this merciless planet, must summon all of their might to do what is right, for… Read More
This begin with Three hero's tale told by Gaxton Dukaos during the age of darkness. Then leads up into modern day. Get ready for an adventure that will take across space and time! Read More

Tags: hero, epic, super, mutant

How did they all come together from the different corners of the earth? Where did the adventure begin? It could be said that it all started to come together in the Occident, as they traveled for the exotic land of Twarlot Twarlot; a nation once lead by their Priest-King had… Read More
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