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Blood and betrayal … The battle for the Crown of Valois has raged for two years, and in the deep-drifting snows of winter, a hostage of great value is taken by the traitors: Gabrielle de Thouars, a young noblewoman who has risen quickly at court to become… Read More
Hikari is a Kitsune, member of the mighty demon fox race. He is also a royal, born heir to the powerful nine tail demon fox. His birthright is to rule his people, but instead, Hikari decides to escape his noble burden of leadership and enter the world of humans.… Read More
One moment in time, in history, in a specific place, is made of hundreds of thousands of lives all providing a glimpse of an action or a slight decision to create that wonderful event needed. What if I tell you that sometimes those actions and adventures transcend the barriers… Read More

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All Rien ever wanted was to be left alone. Forgotten. And after so many years entrenched in the wreckage of her home she thought she had finally made it! But when she starts getting visits from an unknown being, she reveals a world hanging on the verge of apocalypse.… Read More
Find this story on WATTPAD ! Stella, a strikingly beautiful Eighteen year old Witch who came to understand the cruelty and complexity of human kinds. One misunderstanding has brought her to become a threat to the world. Will she be the one to stop a war from… Read More
prolifia is restless. with its military disbanded, mercenaries are the only thing standing between the kingdom and its expanding neighbors. civilians whisper words of rebellion, and cities are no longer considered safe. as the taxes rise to meet the crown’s demand, the peoples’ faith in their rulers falters, leaving the… Read More
In the eleventh chapter of the Darkness Ascending, the company travels to the Death Swamps, where darkness awaits them and a trap has yet to be sprung... Read More

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December 11, 2015

Sixteen year old Armaila Farland grew up on the outskirts of Greenfields, a small sheltered village in the medieval kingdom of Erithor. Her perfect life shatters overnight when her parents are charged with treason, revealing a dark web of lies that makes her question everything she has held true. She… Read More
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