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This is a tentative epilogue for the novel I'm currently working on. Over time, I've really fallen in love with the main leads and so as this year ends, I wanted to give them a happy story where all their dreams come true. Read More

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With the passing of his employer, Robert Squarepants is forced to make important decision as he endures having to mature for the first time. (This is meant to be live action, hence the real life perspectives on certain aspects of the show. It was intended as a YouTube Project. This… Read More
Berkeley Institute for Psychiatric Help and Rehabilitation has earned the newest member of its mental family. The only problem being, she may not be as insane as they say she is. Syrenne Cunningham is shipped off to Berkeley after doctors claim she attempted suicide. Now, trapped within the walls of… Read More
Alexandra Adornetto's Halo Trilogy is a best seller & one of my personal favorites. It involves the 3 books, Halo,Hades,& Heaven. It is the love story between the angel, Bethany Church who was sent down to Earth with her siblings, Gabriel & Ivy to bring peace to the world, &… Read More
Hundreds of kids in the small city of Racine are infected by a chemical leak in the water. The chemicals altered the kids DNA and made them super powerful. The government captured the 'Genomes' and performed horrible tests on them. They locked them up For a year. Now Brett and… Read More

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This is the stand-alone Epilogue for those that have already read Screaming in the Silence. Based on reader and fan requests for a more definite ending to the book, Lydia Kelly penned this epilogue to provide more information about the fate of the main characters. Do Raleigh and Kaden reunite?… Read More
Please, I urge you all to read this.....I swear, if you like thrillers, you won't be disappointed.....:) Read More
After being MIA the past 2 years, Ruthie Potter is in for a surprise when she returns to Hogwarts as a 4th year. Being the daughter of the famous Harry Potter has it's perks, and Ruthie already has immediate friends and fans. But along with immediate fans comes immediate enemies,… Read More
This is the epilogue. I've been counting and considering this; at least 7 times, I think. But after all the music, stuff and some stories. I just think maybe, an epilogue couldn't be bad. But if ever inspired, once again, or IF EVER. I might write some short or long… Read More

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