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This is a story that mixes together MLP, EQG, Law of Ueki, and the TV show Heroes Read More
This is a rework of Gravity Falls Read More
This is a spoof work off of the movie "Grease". While there will be comedy thrown in, this story is only for mature audiences, as the material will include mentions and possible scenarios involving drugs, alcohol, and sex. There will also be the possibility of intense violence, sexual situations,… Read More

Tags: mature, equestria, mlp

This involves the escapades of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. Read More
This focuses on the life of Dr. Whooves, Derpy Hooves, Pipsqueak, and Sapphire Shores Read More
Rarity has a chance to hold onto her youth forever. Will she take it? Read More
This is where the children of our well-known characters steal the show. Read More
This is 17 years later after the events of Canterlot High. Read More

Tags: equestria, mlp, fim

When a new student arrives at Canterlot High, how will his appearance affect the school. Enter Flamestar Burnout! Based on the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls movies. Read More
Fifteen years ago, the members of the mane six suffered a horrible end. Three of them dies horrible deaths, two simply vanished, but one still remains. Now, the last remaining member of the spirits of the Elements of Harmony must put her dwindling faith in the hooves of six new… Read More
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