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The Booksie Classic House

A tale of two friends through their first year of college. One, an abnormally intelligent girl who finds herself hunted by an organization of serial killers. The other, a boy molded by past violence with a shadowy occupation. Read as their individual story arcs weave about each other. (Let me… Read More
When CIA agent Owen Norris finds himself deep into a case he can't walk away from the ends up turning to his past, the one he tried so hard to escape from for help. The same past that led him into tragedy seems to have the same impact on him… Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

August 11, 2019

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The Veterans House

A mission gone bad, a team dedicated to all the wrong things and a failure to understand the capability of an explosives expert brought aboard to be jettisoned at will... Read More

Featured Review by Guenevere Lee

"Great story. Love how you drop us into the action and then keep upping the stakes :)" Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

August 06, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

This is my first Jane Bond - Special Agent, Story Jane will next appear in Glacier. WARNING: STRONG ADULT CONTENT Photo of Jane by Mystic Art Design, Pixabay Read More

Featured Review by laurence1989

"Cracking stuff! The font was a nice touch, too. I look forward to Jane's next adventure." Read More

thomas brewer's prescient dreams attract the interest of e cia, but in a chance meeting in paris, brewer inadvertently implicates his late agent's lover as a terrorist. this is a chapter from a novel, brewer's odyssey. Read More
Your enemy's enemy .. needs careful managing .. . -- (1,000 words). Read More
This was previously published as a book in six chapters. Reposted as a short story for your reading convenience. When we see everything, perhaps we see nothing. -- (3,600 words, 6 chapters). Characters Alphonse Hubert - Defence Minister (Ministère des Armées ) - deceased. Jean-Pierre Marais - Executive of the… Read More
Blue lights begin to flash before eight people in police uniforms got out of the cars. The young woman covers her eyes with one hand and pulls the man closer with the other. She realizes the cops are aiming their guns at her. She lets the man go and puts… Read More
Shifting Sands Five men lost in the desert after their plane crashes, one of them is possibly a spy but which one? Who is the phantom Bedouin, is he friend or foe, is he real or just mirage? Will the reach the oasis which is their salvation or will they… Read More
Liz loves her job, really she does, but sometimes the journey to get there... and the work... and everything about it just sucks. She's always wanted someone to spice up her life but she didn't expect an international spy gone rogue to do the trick. Witty, action-packed, and written… Read More
The year is 2089 and a global increase of 2.6 degrees has destroyed every region of the United States - except the Northeast. To prevent further damage, the new government issues an ultimatum: Give us control of the power supply and receive a place in the Greenhouse.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I had a concept for a story, so I started writing...I wanted to see what people thought of it. I'm delighted with what I have so far, but aren't all writers delighted by their own works? Read More
A mysterious man stalks the evening market, looking for the man who saved his life Read More
Rita, a reputed investigative journalist. Her life revolves around exposing corrupt politicians and their schemes. Raghav, a young business tycoon has all he wants in life. He pulls strings in the corridors of power. Samar, a highly decorated officer of the Indian Army is disenchanted with the system. The three… Read More
A serviceman with several kills on his record commits his first murder. Read More
After waiting around all winter the call finally arrives. What is my assignment? Who is Zachary Driscoll? Read More
Two hit-man are sent from their organization to investigate one of the most feared criminals jailbreak, in Chicago. When a traitor goes missing and the situation changes, they find they must set up a cover, and wait. Doing what all good spy/detective/hit-mans do best: investigating crime. Join Cliff and Jared… Read More
A Review Of The CHERUB Series Book: The Recruit. Read More
A Time to Love in Tehran Before there was a revolution, there was a time to love in Tehran. ''The lever had no design flaws. The eight prisoners dropped instantly. Several of the men writhed and kicked and gagged. The black flag had been raised and it now flapped inside… Read More
Dr. Yes is an Evil Genius that wants world domination and does anything to get it. His parents were killed when he became an adult and he hopefully one day he will find who is responsible for this matter. He has friend and his second in command that he met… Read More
Lewis Cole is an MI5 analyst who is nearly always in the office, but this changes when he is instructed to find out the names of corrupt operatives by the mysterious Roman Roberts. This short story is currently being made into a short film which is directed by Jay Hussain. Read More
The most notorious criminals in the state have declared war on the government by assassinating the Governor. But gathering in mass at their underground hangout to celebrate will turn out to be a FATAL mistake. Read More
The badest secret agent is back in the game; when a designer drug hits the streets of the Inner City, Quianna moves in to find out who's flooding the streets with the dangerous drug and vows to take them all down... Read More
Secret agent extraordinaire Jacob Pourne awakes with no memory of who he is on a dark beach where a shadowy opponent awaits him. Read More
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