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October 05, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

A Non-Fiction essay about my real life epilepsy, and mental health ordeal. Read More
Today’s political institutions and ideals in the United States are the result of historical landmarks in philosophical and political thought. If it were not for progress and change throughout history, perhaps we would still adhere to the British monarchy. Read More
We've all heard the same tips about how to improve your writing. But not a lot of focus goes into the A-Z process of it. In this post, we explore that topic. Read More
Your core values should define who you are, but should also provide the boundaries between right and wrong. Read More
An interesting thesis that all those who look for truth will more or less find it, and that the Greeks were a heck of a lot closer to doing so than one might think. Read More
I am not a fan of the "cancel culture". individual rights to have opinions and not cave in to edicts of Hollywood or sports heroes or the man in the moon, should he become involved are impoverishing the world without creating anything positive to replace all those many, many human… Read More
A short humor story giving the law of 'ATTRACTION' Read More
a personal insight into the world of ghosts and paranormal activity. Read More
The great debate between business and politics. When does business over power the law? Sometimes it can be blurry in a democracy that heavily relies upon corporations. Apple is a prime example. Should Apple deny access to user's phones because it would generate bad business? Or should the U.S government… Read More
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is of the first "feminist" novels- way before its time. How would Jane Eyre stand up to the much more evolved feminist culture of the 21st century? Read More

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Entered and won 3rd place in the Richmond, VA Peace Education Center's 2019 Essay Contest, Remembering 1619 and Restoring Justice Read More
An essay I wrote in school a little while ago. Idk if it matters much, but I put a lot of care and research into it. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a kind of journal dealing with all kinds of random issues, mostly connected in some way to mental health. Content will be posted once a week. Cover image: Read More

Essay / Poetry

March 02, 2020

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The Review Chain House

Virginia Woolf inspired scenic rambling about identify and time, and college. Written for a Literature Humanities class with Prof. Kate Brassel. Read More
I'm in the ninth grade. My latest assignment for my English Honor's class was to write an argumentative essay concerning a critical issue that teens and young adults are facing. I chose to write about anorexia and how it is depicted through photos and video and the impact which that… Read More
This essay explains the basic fundamentals of public servants who influence American policy. This college essay is intended to be informational and is an objective college essay. Topics may include politial issues to healthcare, immigration, and human trafficking. Read More
A very short piece I wrote on my view on chaos in the world. Read More

Essay / Non-Fiction

December 23, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Based on my opinion. Read More

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Essay / Other

December 18, 2019

Books are amazing, lets see some reasons Read More

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Essay / Humor

November 28, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

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Short college essay about my opinion of the current U.S immigration system. This is a opinionated essay up to debate for my immigration law class. This essay covers topics such as illegal immigration, the waiting listing process, and U.S government polices. Feel free to comment. Read More

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The The Team Players House

is going home what i wanted? have i made a mistake? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Endless choices can be a problem Read More

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In the next entry of my "Introspective Series", where we look at my past works and reflect on them. We are looking into one of my poems from a period of my life that I now call, "Heartbreak Poets Society" period. Read More
Just wondering...things changed all around us-but most novels still follow the the old ways. Should they be modernized? Read More

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Here is my opinion on homeschools and digital learning in general. Hope you enjoyed it and please leave a comment. Read More

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