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Unrequited love is hard, and sadly, I know that all too well. The situation is pretty bad... and I don't know if I'll be able to handle it in August when I got to High School. Read More
Atop a tall turret, we're preparing; we were sent... Read More
A collection of poems for a plastic city. Read More
I don't know what they gotta have against Twilight, it's just close to the night. Why in the world are they hatin' on a good werewolf and vampire fight??... Read More
I need help with something that went down at school today. All opinions are welcome but I'd love answers. :) Read More
Try to see what you've done wrong and in the stream of lavender carve a dream... Read More
I feel lost and confused when I yell and don't mean it. Chopped up and used when you cheated on me... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's my life. My real life. The way I see it. And every- thing behind the scene that you DON'T see about this aspiring author. Read More
Where the light is gold, and we can't be told, what to do, or to say. How we act everyday, All is fresher... Read More
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