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May you know we are trained for knowledge doesnt make us vulnerable. For unknown expedite gave us this source. Let us make this blind spot beyond our days here. :) Read More
A candid essay regarding the Bible and whether its contents, although divinely inspired should be taken literally and if not should it therefore be amended further? Read More
A normal man discovers (quite by accident) that he has the ability to conjure up anything he wants and at any time. The story follows his experiences with 'The Ability', and the ethical issues surrounding it. Read More
Sometimes we go throughout life confined by our own ethnic trace. Read More
The word ‘conscience’ is not used much these days. Even though we understand conscience as ‘the awareness’ of a moral or ethical aspect to one's conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong, as the saying goes “Let your conscience be your guide.” But how can we be… Read More
A short story designed to challenge popular views of right and wrong. Read More
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