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The book examines identity and its nature through analyzing different theories which help to define in which theories European identity can be ascribed to. The chapter also offers scholars' reflection over European identity and makes a definition of European identity. In the second chapter, it explains the role of European… Read More
Happy Europe Day/ Liberation Day/ Communism Day, I don't know, everyone seems to have some reason to have a weird name for May 9th, anyway... This is remotely related to Europe so I guess it fits the day Read More

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If you are a supporter of animal rights, please read this and help if you can. Spear a minute to sign the petition. Read More

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Economies experience tremendous variability throughout their history. Greece and Japan are examples of countries that have been around in some form for millennia. Recently, austerity was forced on Greece as a condition of financial rescue; Japan has been in a protracted recession. Japan pursued a Keynesian framework to deal… Read More
With Brexit near the horizon, will it really make a huge difference to the way we live our lives? Read More

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I have seen so much supposition and misdirected outrage over the political situation in the UK so I thought I'd write a little of my opinion and actual experience of the situation, perhaps then people can stop talking rubbish. Read More
A brief look at the recent referendum in the UK. Read More

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