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Abstract Language contact is as old as man. As people move around to overcome their economic, political and social challenges, they move along with different languages. These languages meet and borrow from one another. The Igbo and the English languages are some of the instances of languages contact. This study… Read More
Nigeria is a multilingual nation. It is estimated that there are over five hundred different ethnic groups within the Nigerian boarders, and each group has its own system of language. Language is said to be a uniquely powerful communication system that is stimulus and medium independent, abstract, arbitrary and productive.… Read More
Today I had a chance to listen to a unique argument between two of my friends. It may not be the world's best discussion, but it is definitely a remarkable and note worthy one. After listening to these arguments, I am even considering to make a statement that "Nothing is… Read More
Dean Knight is a fresh off the mill stoner high school graduate in this classic american tale. After a short stint in Oregon he finds himelf back at his moms house in high times. He takes a job that gets takes him out of his mind and into an entire… Read More
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taken from my book, "I Miss The 'Bright Side'" Read More
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