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A few years ago, company "Fruit Blossom" hired a new employee named Jack. At first, Jack showed promise to become a big asset to the firm... Read More
Sadly, these examples are real and I could have listed dozens more Read More
I have written a short 6 Paragraph about the speech Aragorn gave from Lord of the Rings at the Black Gate. I start describing his start to the speach, then I flush out the introduction with a summary of the supporting articles, and a thesis statements about what grade Aragorn… Read More
Alice is a young fourteen year old girl living in an innocent time in your average suburban neighborhood. However, one night, walking home late, she is approached by a man that would change her life forever, for better or for worse. Now, on a detour away from what is usually… Read More

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In the near future, a war has led to a new power structure and a new era of human oppression. In fear of losing its control, the new government forces all citizens to stand for evaluation to determine their fate. Read More
This is a reaction to Thomas More's "Utopia". If you have not read this work, you may be a lil lost lol Read More

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December 02, 2006

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The Booksie Classic House

During the late 1970's, the social sciences, across the world, exploded with book after book and thousands of articles published in dozens of academic journals on the topics of: Organizational Behavior/Development/Psychology/Theory etc., Justice Theory, Management Theory, etc. To name but a few. Some of these books were made into management… Read More
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