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The Booksie Classic House

Not a lot of people bought flowers anymore. "Ding! Came the jingling of bells by the door, the noise echoing throughout the quiet room. She felt herself inhale sharply and glanced up." Cover art © by Yaoyao Ma Van As Read More
In 1974 in Ohio, sixteen year old Thomas Bray becomes deeply affected by a series of kidnappings that grip the city. When he places his life on the line, he feels compelled to save others from the same fate. Read More
My first work in a while, and, to be quite honest, one of the most sincere that I've written. If you see this, then I'm sorry I couldn't, and can't, be there when it would've mattered most. I promise I'll make it up someday. -Yours, Dan Read More
An Evening in December. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Two people walk hand in had along the beach leaving only one set of footprints. Read More
So you need your fashion to rule out the night and you need to rule out like a princes of the party hence, hurry up and buy out your pair of Evening heeled sandals. Read More
Evening heeled sandals are mended with synthetic materials to provide your feet extra leverage of easiness. The sandals are the best product for summer seasons. Read More
Evening heeld sandals have been mended by synthetic material and have nicly carved heels. So step out with ew and fresh fashionable outlook that would also inspire others. Read More
The year is 1886. A man is searching for treasure inside an old abandoned mansion. But little does he know, there's a dark secret waiting for him within it's crumbling walls. Read More

Article / Romance

December 30, 2014

It was evening. I knew I would see her again, and felt that I haven’t already enough air to breath. Just thinking about her made me feel tense. Before the entrance I saw somebody walking before me. It’s her! Read More
Power-cuts on a summer evening can be very irritating.But can there be some exceptional few that are so interesting that you actually look forward to them? This is the story of such an exceptional summer evening power cut... Read on to know more... Read More
Revenge is coming to the Hern family. They are enjoying a typical evening at home, until Revenge is upon them. Read More
Rhonda Calling is an elderly lady with a walking cane, who lives in Bayswater Street, London. She is trying to get possession over a magic coat, which hangs on an iron gate, across the street from her. Anyhow, in order to do so, she must enter the building, which is… Read More
Cool - Evening Read More

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A evening for two. Show your love. Read More
Kayle Madison the scariest and toughest girl in highschool is on the big search to find a guy that have the key to open her heart. There is one guy name Dylan who is her classmate, but to her he is invinsible. Is this the guy she's been looking for?… Read More
an excerpt of one moment in a couple's life... Read More
A brother is driving his little sister home but comes across something both miraculously and unexpectedly. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem in celebration of the large bells, still hung in some towns, which ring out every hour. Read More
its jus a dream… and I am having something in my mind…here some words used are replacements…and this fun guy want to solve some mystery of life which he had experienced…and yet not solved…so.. Read More
This is a Poem written few years back. A simple poem to enlighten you and to ensure you have a posite week. http://iamdirtyineedwashing.blogspot.com Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is my first novel.. It's a real story of a girl named ALISHA.. Who is young, smart and beautiful.. Ambitious, trying hard to get into perfect profession.. But at mid of her study at university, she was being suffered for being so kind, helpful, polite and friendly.. Please rate… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Love in a lighter form. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The fourth piece in my 50 Words project. Sudden inspiration from starring out a window a late summer night... Hope you can imagine the scene I try to describe here. Please tell me your views. All feedback is highly appriacted! Read More

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