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Evie is a 2nd year college student who has been through enough to be in more pain than many others. She works at a Taco Bell with a manager who is sexist, and currently lives with an abusive boyfriend. She also smokes often, cause of her distress and unhealthiness. She… Read More
After a blast that kills almost all of the human race, 8 teenagers remain: Owen, Walker, Kai, Christian, Marshall, Gage, Liam, and the last girl on Earth, Evie. They all must survive their degrading planet, what;s worse, they start developing powers, powers that are dangerous if not controlled. They also… Read More
Evie and Apollo are seniors in high-school, both in GT, both lonely, and both with an endless curious quirkiness. One day, before a special project, trouble arises,and Evie is kidnapped. and someone comes to the rescue... Now, they know each other as someone they can count on. Until a day… Read More
Evie loves her brother's best friend but doesn't know it until he tells her that he loves her. Read More

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I love her. My little sister, younger by a hour and eleven minutes. Why is fate so crule? Read More
Evangeline(Evie) is finally a senior and wants this year to be completely different. She's always been the smart girl and she kept to herself. When she finds her self falling for two guys, who knows what will happen. Read More

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I am 15 years old, I am white, and I am a slave. These are modern times. The civil war has been fought. Slavery is illegal. Yet here I am, and it's all because I'm Jewish. I only know one thing anymore: him. Read More
I have tried my hand at writing Science Fiction. What if you were Cleo? A girl so mesmerized by the world's destruction-she dosen't notice the bigger thing going on. Or what if you were Evie? A girl hating her home, herself, and only being able to find out the truth… Read More
“Do we have a deal?” Michael asked when I didn’t respond. Even though I didn’t throw my head back in helplessness, I did sigh. “Even though I’m going to go completely against my will, I am a girl who keeps promises and always holds up my end of the deal.… Read More
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