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Causes of unknown substances plauge what's known But what is it to unfold Read More

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A poem about visiting a vampire's hiding place. Read More
I see evil and darkness everywhere... or wait; is it truth and reality that I see?.. Read More

Poem / Poetry

May 06, 2022

Evil, a creation of the human mind, that entices and seduces, and finally consumes and devours the creator and the destroyer. Read More
A young princess named Bailey wakes up to find that all six of her sisters were kidnapped. She then makes a risky deal with a sorcerer. The deal is, find all six sisters within three days, or the whole kingdom will belong to the sorcerer. Little does Bailey know, the… Read More

Book / Young Adult

February 24, 2022

I have a dumb question, what do the demons want? They come here, possess someone and just pal around in that body? MJ asked. Once a demon possesses a person it can read their deepest and darkest desires, it chooses people who are weak minded because they know the person… Read More
Thinking about what I see when I look in a mirror. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The doom-cursed night abounds With all manner of abominations, Like nothing ever seen before Across the whole wide nation. Read More

Poem / Horror

December 16, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Just outside of the Devil's town Death Riders chase down the living, Punishing them for the tiniest breach Because the Devil is so unforgiving. Read More
The tyrant queen, Jeff Kennett, was finally voted out of power (after seven years of being out of control) in September 1999. Read More
There was always evil in the world. It used to hide, once upon a time, beneath the surface of congenial faces and in pious places. It used to confuse, befuddle and confound ordinary minds with cunning and canny inflections of human conceptions. Read More
In the dead of the sinister night Evil creatures come out to play, Romping 'neath the blood moon Leaving before the break of day. Read More

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In the dead of the night Wicked predators roam, Through the streets and alleys Searching for those out alone. Read More

Tags: horror, evil, night, fear, dead

In the dead of this awful night When nothing good would be outside, Evil stalks the darkened alleyways And creatures great and small hide. Read More

Tags: horror, evil, night, fear, dead

The dark place is just this side Of a horrid, sunken dell, A place where only losers go It's just outside of Hell. Read More
Foul things lumber through the dark place A place that knows only terror and dread, Where innocents die in the small of the night And the rivers are all flowing bright red. Read More

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In the dark and lonely night Predators are on the prowl, Slinking slowly toward you Unseen creatures begin to howl. Read More
A cursed altar stands In the middle of a stunted forest, Greystone, awash in blood The alter is an evil behest. Read More
Wrote this poem within days of Jeff Kennett's totalitarian reign ending. Read More
A cult on terror holds An entire village enthralled, Upon the night of the full moon Foul creatures are being called. Read More
A cult of death comes out at night To conjure demons up from Hell, Shrilling, shrieking, low chanting Performing rites they know so well. Read More
Camp Hell is an outpost Within a loathsome forest, Stunted, tortured trees grow Evil, as most will surely attest. Read More

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The road to Camp Dread is endless And the road home doesn't exist, It's in a verdant wasteland That time, it seems, has missed. Read More
This is the 2nd time I have written about the evil of DARPA = the mad-scientist division of the U.S. security services. The 1st time was in a novelette called, "The Unknown Soldier." They retaliated by hacking into my PC and creating their own password to lock me off my… Read More
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