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This book takes us into the spiritual background of life and looks at how Earth life in particular once began. Read More
This book brings you my Aquarian revelation which can be expressed in one word and that is TRUTH. Read More
The evolutionary origins of sexual reproduction, beginning of a chapter in a book about human evolution Read More
A poem anout the inner workings of creation and evolution are they polar opposites or the same thought Read More
A new book by Mr. Farr (a twenty year veteran of coastal zone management and taxonomy).It supports the superiority of the modern era's view of evolutionary theory including the synthesis of Neo-Darwinism and Environmental sides of natural selection,adaptation and survival. Read More
This book looks into the spiritual background of humankind's evolutionary pathway and how it expands over countless lifetimes in search of consciousness expanding experiences. Read More
Creation and evolution a facts or theory can live harmoniously together as proven or provable facts of the creation of all living things. Read More
Creation and evolution can coexist as one belief, with both being correct but different. Read More
A humorous poem about the theory of evolution. Read More
If you ever wondered why Darwinian evolution is so prominent in public and higher education, you should know that it is not because it is true, but because there are many in public and higher education who are censoring that facts about the problems of evolution, and who are… Read More
This poem is dedicated to the astral travelers, the star gazers, the window glazers, who can reach out through the glass windows of time, or the blessed souls who have crossed the road into the afterlife, tasted spiritual awareness, and have returned to give credence to the evolution of… Read More
This is something that came to me a little bit ago, and I will keep this updated. If you guys have any questions on this topic, I will do some research and answer the question in this book. Read More
Life, the existence of an induvial human being or animal. Everybody has a different point of view on life. Whether you love it or hate it, you were lucky to be given the life you have. Not everybody is born into wealth, not everybody succeeds. Life always… Read More
This is for anyone who has read my first novel, Stay Strong, in case you were curious about how far it has come since I started writing it at age 11. It's still a work in progress, and hopefully will be on the road to publication soon. Enjoy! :)… Read More
As close a connection as close can be. Read More

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The history and future of the world in 14 verses. Read More

Featured Review by Sean Terrence Best

"Poignant! Poetic! Profound! Glorious! In addition to brilliantly focusing attention on the horror of the human speeding runaway train of tec..." Read More

Poem / Humor

May 21, 2017

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not many people have heard of Onklids, I hope to put the record straight. Read More
Find out how communism and the theory of evolution are linked. Read on to discover how the banking dynasty of Rothschild was involved. Peer deeper into the work and discover what the latest fraud was, how elitist wealth came into play, and why anybody should even care. Read More
A description of the coming battle between good and evil. Read More
When Jahnia wakes up, she is greeted by a message on a screen. This message tells Jahnia and the other 12 people in the room that they must find a new habitable place for humans. They are already in space and must embark on this dangerous mission to save the… Read More
An article about the true rulers of the world. Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

August 11, 2016

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What is going to happen if we found our children turning against us, or being manipulated to turn into something unexpected by the powers we themselves allowed to take control of our lives? Will it be the end, or the beginning of the end? Read More

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The quest for answers is one of pain and anguish. Read More
This is a prayer. I have only listened this voice within. I ask why I pray only when I am so special for my family. May be connecting you from heaven I have something like a wish for all. This require one carpenter to start our living days so blessed.… Read More

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Eating alone is a young man sitting at dinner a lone of course contemplating how his life has turned so far. Read More
Evolving stereotypes with attraction. Read More
The final product will be a primitive and unrefined theory. Upon completion, this short piece of writing is intended to provide a non-traditional theory of evolution which requires a concept which far from being traditional, at first glance, may seem rather counter intuitive. Read More

Book / Science Fiction

February 07, 2016

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See the world from a new perspective. All of us know humans are not perfect, so we try different ways to improve ourselves. After the concept of Darwinism and eugenics have been introduced, countries have been trying to "improve" the their race to become stronger. This is about a teenage… Read More

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