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February 07, 2017

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The Fantasy Realm House

A boast about myself. Enjoy... Read More
This is just my attempt at satire by poking fun at the large amount of people who wear glasses. It's just for fun so please don't take anything in this seriously :):) Read More
This satire is told from the point of view of Jack Curtis, a son of a struggling middle class family, who has always been ridiculed by his rich and pompous uncle for repeatedly failing to find something that he is good at. Well, after years of failure after failure, he… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Short story written for my Fiction Writing class. It was also submitted into Broward College Spring Writes contest and placed 2nd. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Everyone needs to poke fun at themselves once in a while. So what better way to make gun of myself than a humorous exaggeration of my vertical limitation. Read More
SECOND PLACE in nickystokes' contest. Awaiting results for 'Romance With A Twist!' competition: The biggest gossip around the country of Lansdon is always about The Wolf, the most wanted criminal yet. Nobody knows who The Wolf is, and everyone in the city of Nepolitan wants to know. For Jason Stanford,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A dear friend is prone to exaggeration - this is dedicated to him - just for fun Read More
This is just my Imagination taking shape into a humorous piece. Sometimes exaggeration can cross its limits. This piece of writing is about my visit at a Dentist. Please read it purely for fun.. Read More
This is based off a story in English class, in the 11th grade. It comes from a story we read in the infamous "Lit" book, written by Walter Mitty. I'm not gonna say what story I read, only because it might make you research the author to find out what… Read More
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