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Book "Awaiting the Golden Age" is an aid in making the first step to improve body, spirit and life. The book was born while traveling in Himalayas. Author wanted to depict and explain the road he and many others walked. This road heals the wounds of the soul. Spiritual things… Read More
What to do if you suffer from meralgia paresthetica. How to diagnose it. How to find the causes. How to treat it. How to recover from meralgia. Read More
SITTING IS KILLING YOU! I selected for you a series of workouts that you can easily do at the office or at home, a lot of them even while you are working or talking on the phone. The variety of schedules published here after, allows you to pick a different… Read More
A collection of writing exercises I did for my course in Creative Writing in 2012 Read More

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September 27, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

This isn't a novel, but a collection of writing exercises I've done over the last year or so. Some of them are not so great, some are really nice. Feel free to use the exercises, but NOT my work. And as always, feedback is always appreciated. Most of the exercises… Read More
Plunge more deeply and serenely into meditation than you ever thought possible. 60+ exercises plus strategies for making meditation a much easier and more customized process. For beginners and advanced students of meditation, Qigong and Yoga. Read More

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