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April 16, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

When a 12 years old girl named Lisa plays with an Ouija board, she encounters strange behaviours and starts seeing faces of demons in her room. When the medicine doesn't help her anymore, her mom calls a priest to exorcise the girl. Will Lisa be saved or will she die?… Read More
Two Exorcist men Two Churches One stuck in the old One embraced by the new One longing to know One longing for freedom Read More
Noah a boy of to college, his grandmother suddenly dies, so he lives with his aunt since his parents died when he was small and all of the events in his life are all caused by some supernatural underworld force, will he survive what has yet to come to him?… Read More
* This story takes place in the same universe as the original Goliath short story * A priest has gianed worldwide fame after a successful exorcism on a billionaires son. Following this success he's become the most famous celebrity since Michael Jordan. His recent public appearance on a german talk… Read More

Book / Horror

July 04, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Will upload the rest soon if anyone's interested. Just something I did for fun, an experiment with the horror genre. It's not a novel either, I've just uploaded in it in chapters for presentation's sake. A morally checkered contract killer, escaping from the ashes of the Soviet Union, is sent… Read More

Tags: horror, exorcism

One day after school Diana and her friends finds something in the library that intrigues them and that is the satanic bible; however oblivious to the consequences they not only read it they learn every dark spells known to Satan himself. A few weeks later and things begin to change.… Read More
A schizophrenic battles his inner demons. I wrote it in a way that is reminiscent of a schizophrenic's ramblings Read More
The world John Rile has to live in is very dangerous. It is visited by spirits of different class and strength. John hunts them all down and sends them back to their maker. His current job was supposed to be the same as any other. But soon John finds out… Read More
A girls night turns horribly wrong...... Read More
Seeking help from colleagues around the globe, Victorian physician, Dr. Liam Gilbert, is desperate to discover what is wrong with little Rachel Ellingswood. The child has faints that bring her near to death without warning. Only child; heiress to a huge fortune in Devon, England, four year old Rachel will… Read More
My ex, Josh, has found a new love. It's hard to deal with, even though I'm madly in love, so this is my way of dealing with that. Read More

Tags: love, life, pain, exorcism

As the title says, this is the FANFIC TO END ALL FANFICS! It is basically a parody of every fanfic ever, based on the anime 'Ouran High School Host Club'. This fanfic combines all the true things that make a good fanfic (However few there may be). It is so… Read More
Inspired by the Exorcism of Emily Rose Read More
7 year old Madison has something wrong with her, everyone thinks she needs an exorcist, the exorcist on the other-hand, is not so sure. Read More

Short Story / Horror

June 30, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

K. This is inspired by NIXIE 's story (AM I BEING HAUNTED). i have also had many scary experiences and heard many stories in my life. i would like to relate it to what religion, society and other sources say about it. i will add a few experiences and i… Read More
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