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A tale of two lovers, but this isn't your cliche love story; even though that's an extremely cliche line. You see, this is a polygamous relationship between a woman and her lover; her lover who is fully committed to her, and only her. While she undoubtedly adores, appreciates, and cares… Read More
Not all learning is in school, but the old ways don't fit in with modern regulations. Read More
Jenny's life only revolved around her teenage brother, Brylle. But the day came when they have to face a new course of their lives where fate led them apart. Read More

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The "teen" years (like all years) were emotional roller coasters. School academics, peer pressure, and relationships were challenging and could be exhausting. But then, just when you thought you couldn't take anymore stress something positive would occur and the world welcomed you with open arms. Gaiety expresses that emotional high. Read More
02/08/2020 Read More

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The adventures of two friends speeding through the night delivering the news to a rural population in the early 1970's. Will they make it home safe and sound? Read More
Tee was a Taekwondo player. Everybody in the room called him 'a superstar'. Seems like everybody loves him and so do I. Read More

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My first experience to a forbidden love and my worst pain ever Read More
A recounting of travel and experiences in Brooklyn and beyond. From childhood to middle age a story about stories and the influences of people and travel on my life. Read More
This is a story of an experience I once had. It was a joyful experience tainted with fear at the end.You don't want to miss this. Read More

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At this moment in time I have some planets that are giving me some unusual energies; and that's the reason for all these poems. My poem. Read More
Asian culture vs Western culture. Read More

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April 28, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

A view on life. Read More

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November 04, 2018

Trying to understand the chartered course of our short time on earth may seem impossible for those with finite beliefs. The only pure belief is that which conjures up the next challenge, the next “what if?” (Image by pinterst) Read More

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This short account is a true experience of what happened to me in 2010 and why I think that what I saw that day was Ball lightning. Read More
My experience of working with one German man who was fascinated with the Internet and looked upon it as a challenge. Read More

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September 02, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Minds adrift in public transit Read More
Musing on consciousness and forms Read More
what if you slept with a whore and unwillingly your soul connects to her? Read More

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What is planned as a five-part series that explores topics of psychology, sociology, the being, humanity, the "other," and the illusion of reality. Or maybe its none of that, and just something to occupy the time. Note: treat each installment as being disconnected from each other. They… Read More
This is my first poetry collection, titled 'Roots'. There is a total of ten poems included that are all, in some way, dedicated to my roots. I really hope you'll like them. Read More
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