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On a cataloging mission on a distant world, astronauts Vince Carson and Jerry Tristan prepare lunch. Read More
A flash-fiction with a planet exploration, science fiction, touch. Where did everyone go? Read More
The one thing that is absolutely essential to human innovation, exploration, should be cherished and adored.We need future generations to understand and embrace adventure, it is our duty. Read More
{Note: I wrote this story quite some time ago, and might finish it. It can be quite cringy, a few grammar issues but I just wanted to hear people's opinion on it, so please leave a comment if you have critiques or queries} A story about the… Read More

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The Fantasy Realm House

Three years, that is as far back as his memories surface. The man, now called Wils, awoke in a field three years ago with no name and with no memory or knowledge of who he was, nor any details about this vast world. To many, he is a simple… Read More
It's not the end of the universe, apocalyptic scenario, far from it. Charles Danirel is a mechanic working in a Hover shop, when he gets an application inviting him to find the ending point of the universe. To test if it is indeed infinite. He leaps at the opportunity,… Read More

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September 26, 2017

My own version of George Ella Lyon's "Where I'm From". Read More
For a subterranean society, what lies above is the ultimate quest of all. Read More

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August 21, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

I've written a short poem but can't decide which last line is better. Please give an opinion in the comments or any other suggestions. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I am trying out a new genre, tell me what you think... Read More
They came to this moon, Europa, to prove themselves right and to expand their horizons. But what they found was not what they expected. Read More
Decades after The End, the crew of the Pathfinder set out on a years-long mission to find a planet that is capable of sustaining human life. Having finally succeeded, they find themselves amidst a war fueled by politics and greed. Cover by gnarly~ on Wattpad Read More
In 2163 50 shuttles are sent to distant solar systems, with crews in cryogenic hibernation. Only one returns. Evan Summers is awoken at an unplanned moment. Read More

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The Review Chain House

Wouldn't it be a grand feeling to be the first person ever to touch another's life with the joy of knowing how amazing the world CAN be? Come, reach out, share a moment, & touch a life! This comes from my heart as Philosophy, in response to need & input… Read More
A man gains a new perspective on life when a break down leaves him stranded in the night. Read More
What lies outside of the grasp of our planet's hands? Who will be the first among us to make the plunge? A little story I threw together for a project back in first year. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Telstar 4 is a new space colony that offers an out-of-this-world holiday experience to the very rich. Read More

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February 25, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

a very short essay about snow. exploration of ideas Read More
The news that Walthari is dying spreads rapidly through his own family. Despite originally being a exploratory mission, without any of his family on the ship, Captain Yoshiro Miyamae decides that this will be a family reunion, as well as a trip for them all to take. Though Walthari is… Read More
“It’s one of those days when you wish that the world would just swallow you up already.” Read More
A journey towards the depths of inner space. Revealing a world of wonder and light. Twisting the truth to emerge as a peaceful warrior in the astral worlds of past delight. Breaking free. The Burning Pond is the result of countless adventures beyond the body. The author exploring the astral… Read More
Down is a story about a man stuck in a hole of his own creation. We follow this man as he figures out the reason as to why he is in this hole of his own creation. Insanity and numbness could very much be his only companions throughout his stay… Read More
A ship on the way to the edges of the galaxy. A life long dream come true. Maybe expanding the human race is a possibility. A short story I'm debating on turning into a novel. Unfortunately Science Fiction isn't my strong suit. Let me know how you feel about it.… Read More
A desperate exodus began as the nine Sisters left Earth, fleeing a catastrophic virus. Terpsichore was once human, and now is the consciousness of a greatship bearing her name. Can she overcome her own fear of mortality, and complete the mission? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this because I love driving at night, with little or no traffic around me. None of it matters to me, the side roads, alleys, forests, the city, I love it all. Read More
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